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A Global Caliphate


A modern global Caliphate.

To the religiously minded people of this earth,
   I know full well, how it sounds when I claim the title of Caliph of God, but what my fellow Americans and the entire people of this world need to realize, is that, YOU want me to be Caliph, and you all will be very fortunate if I can make this happen, as I am a very nice guy.  And if, I am rejected and the world awaits the comming of another, to take that title, then you will get what you deserve, by rejecting myself in this role, and my plans for global solutions to poverty, and economic stagnation.
   My plans and proposals are good, and would benefit all humans of all religions and cultures, without oppression or wars or the coming strife which will result from economic collapse, global starvation and the wars which follow, and the evil in the hearts of the leaders of this world, who do not have the vision or wisdom to lead our species out of these global problems as I do..
I, Mosheh Thezion, have that vision and that wisdom, and I only wish to share it with my people, my earth, my home.

As the Caliph of God, it is my role to bring the people of earth, back to and closer to god, and reverse the trends towards Satanism, which is currently destroying the moral fabric of our world.

Please see --->


Please see --->

To be able to implement this reversal, what the world needs is a global Caliphate council, as well as local national and local regional Caliphate councils, in order TO PUSH BACK against the ever growing emergence of Satanism, and its goals of turning good into bad, and bad into good, and its attempts to crush godly religions as something it claims is bad for society, when in fact, religion is the very core of our societies and cultures, and is technically a good thing.

BUT LET ME EXPLAIN, what is meant, by a global Caliphate under my leadership, as will be founded by my leadership, if the world adopts these proposals for their own good.

1) The global Caliphate I will build, is NOT ISLAMIST ONLY, it is godly, and would be based on GOD, for which Islam, is only one religion of and concerning that ONE GOD.

2) These Caliphate councils, will HAVE VERY LITTLE POWER, if any, and there role is to serve as a very loud voice, and loud influence, to which the governments of the world, will NOT BE ABLE TO IGNORE, and hence must listen too, AS THESE COUNCILS, REPRESENT THE RELIGIOUS PEOPLE OF EARTH.

3) THE ONLY POWER THESE COUNCILS HAVE, is the regulatory functions of designing and managing the Charm school programs, as described

here --- >

And, they, as local, regional, national, and global councils, would SET THE SCALES of taxation, to be imposed upon global media content producers, such that, they would control the means to tax some forms of media programming more, based on the content produced. And set fines, for those producers who violate what would be set standards.

4) These councils, would make NO PROFIT, and all the taxation and regulation or fines they impose, would be paid over to that nations government, as all taxes presently are.

5) THESE COUNCILS, SHALL BE MADE UP OF ELECTED RELIGIOUS LEADERS, OF ALL RELIGIONS, local to a region, local to a nation, and globally, and the % percentage make-up of these councils, would be directly proportional to the % percentage make up of the religions in a given local region, local nation, and Globally.

MEANING... locally, if a city or county, happens to be 100% Christian, then the Caliphate council they set up and elect people too, would be 100% Christian.

Likewise, in a NATION where the people may be 70 % Islamist, and 25 % Christian, and 5 % other, then the national Caliphate council for that nation, would be made up of 70 % Islamist, 25 % Christian, and 5 % representing the others.

6) The election of these council members, would not be a public election, but the religions would organize amongst themselves, to elect their own representatives, who's only role and job will be, to organize, manage, and regulate the Charm school programs, and to act as watch dogs, over the public media at large, and again, have only one form of power, which is to set the scales of taxation for media programming, which would match, and follow with a NEW RATING SYSTEM, which is content, and context, and intent based, where as, for example, a program, which does not show sex acts, but its content, intent, and context, IS ALL ABOUT SEX, then it would be taxed based specifically on that LEVEL OF INFLUENCE, those media producers CHOOSE to put in their produced materials.

7) THESE COUNCILS, HOWEVER, WOULD NOT HAVE THE POWER OF CENSORSHIP, and would be limited on what MAXIMUM SCALE OF taxation they can impose, AND THOSE LIMITS WOULD BE SET BY THE GOVERNMENTS OF THAT NATION, OR LOCAL REGION ETC. Meaning, the governments retain all the power, and these councils basically have the ability to lower taxes for clean programming, and raise taxes to a limited degree on dirty sinful programming, and as such, would directly allow for the promotion of cleaner programming and cleaner content, by effecting the profit margins.

8) These councils would be required to be funded by the religions and religious people they represent, and no tax dollars shall be allowed to be used to fund their operations, however, these councils can regulate the tax based funding and how it is being used, in the schools and prisons, so as to regulate the Charm school programs and their specific nature, yet, THEY WOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO PROMOTE ANY ONE RELIGION, but are mandated to promote ONLY religion itself, as a conceptual understanding concerning the nature of creation, and the creator, and the long held and globally established concepts of morality and righteousness and general goodness.

9) These councils as such, would be free of any government regulation to control its membership and its make up, for its purpose is to offset the secular nature of government, and to provide the good and moral social influence which secular governments are NOT CAPABLE OF SHOWING OR DOING.

Meaning, nations, and local regional governments would be forbidden from attempting to include Atheists, and Satanist, from ever sitting on these councils, AS THE PURPOSE OF THESE COUNCILS IS TO OFFSET THE PROGRESSIVE LIBERALISM, which is pushed by Atheists and Satanist alike.

10) These Religious councils, must never be allowed to take real power, for if they do, then the religions would become the oppressors and tyrants, and it is by never taking power, and by merely maintaining a position of respect, that these councils can always be the good guys, doing constant battle with the forces of evil, which are wanting to crush religion and all that is good.

It is important, that religion stay out of power, because when things go bad, everyone naturally blames those in power, which is the governments, and we cannot and must not allow religion to be blamed, nor can we blame God for our own mistakes.

If we as a world, begin to listen to god, and offer religion the respect and adherence it deserves our lives as a people and species will be much improved.

First and foremost, is recognizing that adherence to godly principles, IS THE KEY TO NOT ONLY SOLVING FOR GLOBAL ECONOMIC STAGNATION, but we can, actually end all world poverty, if we simply recognize that god, and godly religions actually DO PROVIDE VERY GOOD ADVICE.

And as a species, we should be open to taking that advice, for our own good.

-Mosheh Thezion


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