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The Money System and Currency.

(Note: When I say International Bankers, and investors, I speak of the fact that the major American banks which are part of the Federal Reserve system and own the stock, and sit on the Boards of the Federal Reserve, are themselves, as private stock investor banks, owned by investors who maybe anywhere in the world. So, while it is true, international investors and Bankers, DO NOT DIRECTLY OWN the Fedeal Reserve, they do own and invest into the Institutions and banking corporations, which does own it.
  It is in this way, that the OWNERS, can place several layers of seperation between themselves and the Federal Reserve and the American people, so as to shield themselves from your anger.
   I mention this note, to clarify my meaing when I speak of the Federal Reserve being owned by foriegners, as easily as by wealthy American investors, and the fact is, the majority of the worlds wealth is in the hands of 5 international Banks, and they invest, and profit from THE DEBT CURRENCY SYSTEM.)


Debt Currency: In 1933 FDR, using emergency war powers declared that all Americans must pay taxes to pay the debt of the new Debt currency scheme. All of which is un-constitutional because its not a REAL commodity currency, such as Gold and Silver, and is instead imposed DEBT, controlled by foreign powers. Who are the stock holders (owners) of the Federal Reserve, a private corporation, paying dividends to those international stock holders, using OUR tax Dollars. 
Debt currency = Debt slavery of the nation. Since we are all forced to pay excess tax, to pay the never ending debt to the Privately owned Federal Reserve, which pays dividens to its international stock holders.
   Basically, our nation went bankrupt, and these foreign powers which bankrupted us, said "Don't worry, your nation can continue to operate in bankruptcy, by using a new form of debt currency, which doesnt have to be paid back, and only the interest need be paid, year after year, forever", and FDR fell for it, and sold our nation into bondage to endless debt and taxation to pay it. Which at first was a good deal, but 80 years later, that debt has grown huge, and suddenly we see how we have been trapped, and literally enslaved, and where over 80 years, literally 10% of our peoples income taxes has gone to pay the profit gains of investors, who literally tricked us, into debt slavery  A MESSAGE FOR THE PEOPLE!

Proposal for currency: (I will do this with executive order, or push for this as a bill / amendment, by Congress.)

a) Would be to force via executive order or a constitutional amendment that the Federal Reserve becomes a Federal Government owned, non-profit entity of the Federal government, and should be part of the National Treasury, and would be directly reportable to Congress. And as such, can re-value all Dollars to be equal to One / One millionth of a new FAITH NOTE Treasury security certificate, which would be valued and pegged to specific weights of multiple metals, such as being worth 1000 ounces of Gold, or 71,794 ounces of Silver, or 822 ounces of Platinum, as For example, July 14th 2009, Gold is at 924 an ounce, Silver is at 12.87 , and Platinum is at 1123, in such case, we could revalue the Dollar to Gold and Silver and Platinum, by weight, so that by weight the Dollar is pegged to which ever is worth more, so as to stabilize the value of the Dollar, and yet still allow a fluctuating market between multiple metals, and always value the Dollar to the highest value metal in relative weight, and with this method, Maintain the highest value for the Dollar, and end the endless debt, imposed on the tax payer.

   This can all be done by allowing the Federal Government via a constitutional amendment, to open many large scale CLEAN mines in the USA, and use all the gains over time, to back the new Treasury FAITH note certificates upon which is valued the Dollar, which holds its value in Gold and Silver and Platinum, and payable in Gold and Silver and Platinum (and Copper, Iron etc...) as it is generated, and not at the time and demand of the investor.
    In this way the Dollars hold their value, and can be traded as metals, and eventually traded in for those FAITH note Treasury security certificates, which can then be traded in for the Gold and Silver and Platinum, and Copper etc, as it is produced, over time, but not on demand, so, that no depressive crash (1929) can ever occur again due to large players calling in their debt, and demanding immediate payment.  Or allow for a crash in the value of the Dollar by a big player attempting to dump gold or another metal on the open market.
 (This does not mean  nationalizing all mines, or taking over the mining industry, it only means allowing the Federal government to open new mines, in the vast territories of the U.S.A. and to purchase mining claims from claim holders who are willing to sell,  period.)

b) By valuing the Dollar to percentages (1 / 1,000,000) of a new FAITH note Treasury Security Certificate, which are valued in Gold, and Silver and Platinum, and other metals, and promising to trade those Treasury Certificates, for Gold or Silver or Platinum, at those specified weights, (which ever is worth more at the time), It protects the Value from dropping if ever a world power decided to dump Gold on the market. In this way, Silver protects the value, if ever Foreign powers attempt to devalue Gold. And by adding Platinum, and Copper, as well as other metals, in security, it becomes virtually impossible for any power, to devalue the Dollar, because the Dollar can be worth which ever mass of metal is worth more, as the single Dollar can be based on weights, such as approximately  30 mg Gold, and 2.17 Grams of Silver, and 25 mg of Platinum, and other potential metals. In this way, as long as the Federal Government is granted via amendment the power to engage in large scale mining practices on behalf of the American people, then it, our sovereign government, via the Federal Reserve as a non-profit part of the Treasury, can then easily,...

1) Revalue the Dollar to have a non-inflationary value based on multiple metal values, and always adhering to the highest value. (We can also add energy values, by the kilowatt hour, to further stablize both the value of energy and the Dollar with that option, as energy, can only be projected to rise in value, and even if we find abundant free energy, such as fusion, the price should still be controlled from going below some reasonable minimum value, by being also pegged to commodities such as metals.)

2) End the never ending debt, by paying off the international bankers their debt, in the form of FAITH based Treasury Security Certificates based on these future values of real metals, and energy, derived from the land mass of the nation, and it's long term productive value instead of debt taxation upon our labor and income.

3) Restore the Constitution easily, without causing a market crash due to the re-valuation of the Dollar, into real money again.

4) Enable the U.S. Federal government to print as much money as needed within reason, and even impose internal debt, but all based on commodities which are in perfect storage in the earth, AND who's value is well in excess to our present and future need for many hundreds of years. And to run a nation wide deep earth mining program so as to pay for all this debt, via the exchange of labor into material wealth as metals and energy over time, to pay off the values of those stored FAITH based Treasury Security Certificates, by exchanging them directly for those specified weights in commodity metals, or as units of energy, over time as they are produced. In this way, the government can print money as needed, but it is paid for, by government run deep earth mining / energy efforts, and not on the backs of the income of the tax payer, meaning YOU.

5) This restores the basic principle of the Constitution where by only real Gold and Silver based coin, and bullion, is acceptable as real money, where by just as claim checks, were used to represent Gold in storage in a vault, we can produce FAITH NOTE Treasury Security Certificates, that hold their value based on the future produceable value of commodities guaranteed to be produced by Federal government run mines, using prison labor. Where by those commodities are held in perfect storage, in the earth, and are just waiting to be released from their hiding place, and given into the hands of humanity. And in this way, we can pay off our national debt to foreign powers, and set our people free of all the un-constitutional practices which were imposed after 1933.

6) Since, our nation can end the national debt, and begin using real money again, it becomes possible to change the banking system, to allow local banks to become middlemen for loan practices between the SHOULD BE non-profit Federal Reserve and the people, and as such, since the use of debt currency is ended, the government can provide ZERO interest loans to all the people for the purchase of homes and cars, etc, as a non-profit Federal Reserve owned by our government should not be allowed to profit off of the people as tax payers, and is duty bound to provide this service.
    While bankers and investors can still profit by providing interest based usury loans to business and corporations, as they are not people and not due the freedom and benefits of the people, and so, the lending market can continue, which would be greatly expanded by the world wide implementation of the proposed investment tactics I propose as part of the NEW DEAL OF 2012.   SEE.. =>    A message for all International Bankers, and investors of the Federal Reserve, World Bank, and IMF 
All the members of Congress know, or should know,  what I'm talking about, and they need to recognize that this, is our way out, and allows for Congress to become a sovereign power structure again, instead of a controlled corporation owned by international interests, and they should now know, that there are ways to buy off those international powers and make the whole concept of restoring debt free freedom again, worthwhile for both the people and the international Bankers.
We can be free, and we need only give those international Bankers a better business plan of action to fulfill their goals of profit and world government.

We can be set free of endless Debt Currency, believe it.

-Mosheh Thezion


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