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My fellow Americans,

 Should I run for office in 2016, it is presently my desire to organize myself to run with 1000 other candidates to restore constitutional law in 2016...  I.e...   We could form a team, a front... a front... a team which could not be ignored, if we united to run on one common platform.  In this way, it does not matter if I, or you, get elected, instead what matters, is pushing the issues, and the discussion of the facts, and solutions, period. And by running for office, myself and any who stand with me united, stand to fight for what could be, a much better government and economy.

Fact is, our nation has not had a truly constitutional government in over 80 years, that is a fact, which I can prove and do prove, and is one problem, I say we can easily solve.
--------------                          -------------------
If I could organize 1000 to run, side by side, as a front, I would suggest we stand united on these five points.

We stand united on five simple points.
Those who cannot stand with us, on these five points, can be considered anti-constitutional as should be obvious.

1) To restore our nation to constitutional law and limits, meaning the restoration of the amendment process, rather then ACTS, to grant Federal powers.

2) To Restore true constitutional freedom, as provided for in the constitution as the Common Law legal system, taken away in 1938 under emergency war powers.

3) To restore the constitutional sovereign capacity of our nation to produce real commodity based money and set its value, by repealing the National Banking act of 1933, and placing the Federal Reserve under the direct control of the Congress.

4) To restore true property right to all Americans, so that land and property cannot be taken under any circumstances unless due compensation for it's fair market value is provided.

5) To in no uncertain terms, reverse all the established unconstitutional regulatory powers our government has granted itself since 1933, and to call for a constitutional convention to re-organize our nation, and it's government into a proper functioning Republic, of the people, by the people and for the people. Limited to constitutional rule.

No serious candidate can say they oppose these 5 points, and if they make any excuses, or refuse to sign on as one of the 1000, then it should be clear that they do not care about constitutional law, and constitutional limits, and should be honestly considered a threat.

See ---   this blog for info on the coalition, the team, the united front for the restoration of our constitutional republic, so that we can list and see clearly, which candidates will commit, and which are corrupted.

I myself, have not yet filed officially, but I intend too, so as of yet, I am running an exploratory campaign until I officially file with the FEC.

My campaign may differ greatly from the other 1000, but what matters is that we are united by the five points, and will each of us, commit to restore our constitutional republic, even if we may differ on many points, we are united on these five, and we demand that all major candidates take a position of these five points, or be exposed as corrupted politicians who are anti-constitution, and as such, should be shunned and condemned as unworthy of office.


 I ran for President in 2012 specifically to push a solution plan for our nation and world, which this website describes in great detail.
  In 2016, I will likely run again.

  I do not care about party politics, and my only concern is to solve our nation's and world's major problems, and as such I will work with any and all groups who care enough and have the nerve to get the job done.  To be clear.

   Why should you support me, if I run again?  Honestly, because I am the only human with a truly workable plan to pay off the entire national debt, restore real money and so restore our nations sovereignty out of bankruptcy, and then... when I say restore the constitution as law... I ACTUALLY MEAN IT...  by restoring the Common Law legal system, real money, and amendment based limits on the Federal government.
 I propose a new form of global economics, which solves for all the debt, and makes it possible and profitable to end all global poverty as we build a better future.
 I ask for your consideration of the solution plan.
Please consider what was my platform.
If I had been elected U.S. President in 2012, I WOULD of done the following :
  • I will  RESTORE THE CONSTITUTIONas the rule of law as written, requiring amendments to grant powers.
  • I will  END THE MODERN FEDERAL RESERVE, and nationalize it, so that Congress may Audit/control and dismantle it as it sees fit over time.
  • I will restore true PROPERTY RIGHTS to all Americans.
  • I will  SEAL THE BORDER, by extending the walls, and placing the National Guard in the gaps.
  • I will close the revolving door prisons, with real Common Law hard labor punishment for violent criminals.
  • I will as President, provide true job security for the people, by setting up deliberate long term  FREE MARKET EXPANDING DEVELOPMENT GOALS, with the Military, the Banks, NASA, states, counties, and cities, as we work to transform our nation, and build up its infrastructure for the next several centuries.
  •    After freeing our own nation from debt slavery, and providing the means for economic prosperity for the next several centuries, I will then work to lead the U.N. into a simple and clear economic plan, which will make it possible to actually END ALL WORLD POVERTY, and make money doing it.
                 I call it  A NEW DEAL FOR 2012!
   I challenge all humans on this planet, all Americans, and every politician in office today, and every single candidate I will be running against, including current President Obama.  I challenge you all, to consider and even try to debate the worth of my solution plans for our nation and the world.  
It can work....  I ask you all, to adopt these solutions, for it is only by standing together, that we can solve for our mutual problems.
   I say there is a simple way to end the debt, and free our people! 
   I say its time for a New Deal for America, a New Deal for 2012!
 What everyone needs to understand, is...    ...The Federal government knows its unconstitutional, but it doesnt know how to fix the problem of unconstitutional debts.  
(The problem, is debt currency, national /global usury finance, and massive debts!)

    THAT IS THE ISSUE....   Its not that they are bad people, its just that they are doing the best job they can with what they have, and its not enough, because the debt currency system itself cannot forever stand, it is un-sustainable.     We all know this.

Well, I am here to say there is a way out, there is a solution, and I call that solution, A NEW DEAL FOR 2012!

What is this NEW DEAL for 2012?
   It would be a New Deal literally, between the People, the Government, and the bankers and investors who presently own the Federal Reserve, and hold the abundance of our nations debt.     (This endless debt was caused by the New Deal of 1933)
 The New Deal for 2012 is...   The people demand to be free of the endless debt, and so, USING THESE NEW DEAL FOR 2012 METHODS, the Federal Government, would, under my leadership, PAY OFF  the entire national debt, AND BUY BACK THE FEDERAL RESERVE, and make it a non-profit part of our national treasury.
In this way, the bankers and investors are paid off, and the people are set free.
In this way, our nations sovereignty and Constitutional government can be restored.
   It will be a re-organization of the nations currency, banking, and investment and development strategies, which would serve as a major boom for our nations industry and market potentials, See---> A New Deal for 2012   ... and make it possible to restore a Constitutional government, and also prevent any future market down turns for the working class, by the EDD provision of work, for potentially the next several hundred years as we work through a new re-organization of our own land, and so also pressure the U.N, into a U.N.F, in order to end all world poverty by employing the world, via the free market under contracts using the investment strategies I describe and put forward as this New Deal for 2012, where by human kind takes on a market goal, nation wide, and then world wide, which would be interplanetary expansion, and where by focusing our entire world potential on this goal, we can employ the world, and the rewards are gained over time, as those development plans are fulfilled in various stages and levels.
   In this way, the bankers of the world, can set free the people from debt, and in return the world economy is allowed a major boost, with those bankers and investors, then being able to make much more money than they ever could with debt currency.


Did you know, that.... 
1) The definition of a Debt Slave, is someone who is lent money, and then must work to pay off the loan, and while they may be free to run around, they must always go back to work, and pay either a percentage of their labor, or all of it, to pay that debt until it is paid off.
      Sadly, in 1933, FDR gave the Federal Reserve to major Bankers, by way of making it a stock corporation with multiple layers of complex rules, which effectively distances those who gain from the Federal Reserve, from the Federal Reserve itself, and put up the people and lands, as collateral on the loan of our own Dollars, and in doing so, enslaved all the working people and business people, to pay the never ending debt, which is literally, nation wide debt slavery of the entire nations people. (You!!)
(And via the I.M.F. and World Bank, the entire world.)
(Debt currency= permanent debt=permanent debt put on the people = debt slavery)
   We as Americans, are not supposed to be debt slaves to fake fiat currency, and are not supposed to suffer inflation and pay our taxes to profit foreign or domestic investors, and that is exactly what the Founding Fathers tried to prevent by establishing the Constitution as a means to protect the people from exactly that!!!
  The worst thing FDR did with unlimited Emergency War powers, was he gave the Federal Reserve directly into the hands of Bankers and Corporations (making the Federal Reserve a private corporation owned by American and potentially international stock holders), which provided a loan, and allowed the U.S. to continue to operate in bankruptcy using a new form of DEBT currency, which then directly enslaved the American people to pay that debt, using 14th amendment citizenship, Emergency War powers, and creating a statute court system by which to enforce that excess taxation at the point of a gun, and threat of prison.
    This was done using the Trading with the Enemy Act (1917) (Public Law 65-91, 65th Congress, Session I, Chapters 105, 106, October 6, 1917) which was passed and which defined, regulated and so punished trading with enemies, who were as such, then required by that act to be licensed by the government to do business.
    And The National Banking System Act (Public Law 73-1, 73rd Congress, Session I, Chapter 1, March 9, 1933), Executive Proclamation 2038 (March 6, 1933), Executive Proclamation 2039 (March 9, 1933), and Executive Orders 6073, 6102, 6111 and 6260 prove that in 1933, the United States Government formed under the executive privilege of the original martial rule went bankrupt, and a new state of national emergency (1933) was declared under which United States citizens were named as the enemy to the government and the banking system as per the provisions of the Trading with the Enemy Act.    Which is why the American people are forced to get licences, and permits to do just about anything, like go fishing, run a business, or drive a car, etc.. etc..

2) Our government has operated under a constant state of emergency since 1933, and during a declared emergency the Constitution is no longer the rule of law for the government, and that the declared emergency of 1933, is still bascially in effect, because the National Emergencies act of 1976, does and did nothing to limit the unlimited executive war powers granted and laws changed and procedures established since 1933.   In other words, The Federal government has retained unlimited war powers, since 1933, and regardless of the national emergencies act of 1976, it retains all of those same powers today.  Powers, not granted by the Constitution, and as such, the continued use of, is a violation and usurpation of our Constitution and its limits. And more importantly, all the illegal, un-constitutional changes made since 1933, under emergency war powers, have not been reversed.
   There are many groups, such as constructionists, and originalists, etc, but they all base all their arguments about how we should ''interpret'' the meaning of the Constitution, only because as of 1933, it no longer was the rule of law, and became only a guide to be interpreted.    When in fact, the founding  fathers established it as the rule of law, and intended that its meaning be abundantly clear, in plain english based on the original intent of the Founding fathers, where in the people are free under the Common Law, and government has clear limits, as set forth by that same Constitution. And if, in the course of time, we find a dispute on that clear meaning, then it behooves our Congress to amend the Constitution to make the meaning exactingly clear.  (Thats how its suposed to work!)
   It is not supposed to be a 'living' document, which can be interpreted as we see fit over time as a guide, but it should, must, and was intented to be the defining rule of law in very clear language.
  THEREFORE, we must demand that the Federal government, end all states of emergency, and or give up all emergency war powers granted under emergency war power status. So that legally, the Constitution will be restored as the rule of law, as it is written, after which, we may amend it, as the people may see fit, in openness, in Congress before all the people, and based on our will as a people.
The Constitution, is literally, today, NOT IN EFFECT....     THAT is the detail they dont want the public to wake up to, because they want the people to think our government is constitutional, which IT CANNOT BE, as long as it has emergency war powers, and is not subject to the rules of the Constitution itself.
   This is the most important detail, and explains why our government is out of control.     See.........>   The Constitution

3) The definition of a share-cropper serf, of medieval europe, is where the ruler owns all land and goods, and the people only have a privilege to use it, but if they do not pay their tax, they are kicked off the land, and their possessions taken away.  
    (The 14th amendment states that Federal citizens only have privileges!!! Not rights!!!  Which is why the 14th amendment was never meant to apply to the free people, and was meant only to apply to ex-slaves who had no rights!!! (Civil War era) 
   YET, using emergency war powers, In 1933, FDR forced all Americans to become 14th amendment ex-slaves!....  And does so, via the Birth certificate, stating as law, using war powers, that all babies born and granted birth certificates are by war powers law, designated as 14th amendment Federal citzens, whether they like it or not, and so, subject to unlimited war power federal authrority. 
  And... using Emergency War Powers in 1933, the Federal government declared itself the sovereign ruler, via the National Banking Act of 1933, where the people and lands were put up as colateral on the loan provided by the major American banks, and their international investors, Stock owners of the modern Federal Reserve, and as such, took away our right to truly own property, which is why they can take your land without compensating you., and also take your vehicles, and even take your children, if you do not pay their tax, or obey their endless obscure laws. They turned the people into share-croppers, and that means you.!    You, and your families!
 Before 1933, people owned their property, and had constitutional protections, but AFTER 1933, people lost all rights to own property, and NOW ONLY HAVE the right to USE it, and pay taxes and fees on it... 
     So today... Really..  YOU KNOW THIS IS TRUE...  if you fail to pay your tax fee (rent) to the Government, they now take your property and you DO NOT get compensated for its value, and you have no common law due process... which is evidence that you do not own it, because if you did, they would have to sell it in the fair market (a forced sale), and then give you the extra money for the property which exceeds the debt amount!!!!  
   But they give you nothing!!!  They take your property and sell it short.
  See......>    PROPERTY RIGHTS

   You deserve to truly own your property... But today, you dont... the creditors to our nation do.

   If I'm not mistaken, you are tired of a massive unconstitutional government, and are tired of paying taxes for endless debt, tired of having a private corporation like the IRS and Federal Reserve control our economy, and tired of working so hard, and in the end, not actually owning your land, or having any of the protections and rights provided for in the Constitution, because since 1933 the Constitution has not been in effect, and there is only one way to restore it, and that is to elect people like myself  who will scream their heads off to get you back what has been taken from the people.

   If we are to fix the problems of our Nation, our Government, and our society as a whole, we must work together with those in power, or otherwise replace them. And in many cases, it is not that those in power are unwilling to do the right thing, but simply that they do not know how, and we must offer them solution plans where by they can agree to work together for common mutual goals, which will make both the people and special interests happy, or at least most of them, enough to gain common support for common goals in mutual benefit to all.

   Understand, that I do not say or do this lightly, as I know the ramifications and entrenched problems of doing so, and so I say to you that I also present workable solutions to the problems involved with restoring constitutional law, and setting our people free, and ending the never ending debt of our people and the world.

We must have solution, and If  I  may be so bold, I present those workable solutions in my platform.

   There is a way out of all these probems! 
   A way to restore freedom!
   There is... Believe it.



The Businesses and Corporations will ask, "whats in it for them?"

  And I answer, "that we will expand the free market greatly, as over the next 10 years we ramp up for even greater expansion to come, all via contracts with existing industry under fair bid policies, for small and massive, national and global projects. With a new commercial banking system, which is more favorable to commerce, by eliminating business lending risk, for small and large banks in exchange for across the board rate controls, and clearly defined limitations."   Faster, cheaper, safer lending.


The People, wealthy and poor will ask, "whats in it for them?"

And I answer, "Real founding fathers Constitutional freedom, much lower taxation, and most importantly, interest free lending for personal borrowing from banks, and a new limited interest business lending and borrower protection system to make it possible for all really dedicated people to go into business. And then of course there is the assurance that all modern social benefits are retained and expanded, such as Social security and Medicare, to include the full expansion of the E.D.D. to provide full national job security and housing assistance for all able bodied people, and also directly regulate the distribution and assessment of disability cases."

   Put simply, "More freedom, less government, real money, less taxes, Constitutional law, more social benefits and safe guards and protections from poverty for the less able, and real expanded labor, training, and business opportunities for the more able."



I ask for your support, to make this happen for you.



 I stand for implementing simple Constitution based investment and economic regulation strategies which can allow the U.S.A. to lead the world, and solve for all world poverty, by expanding the free market system, and promoting American values world wide, and help people, and lead by example, and reverse the present trends of conflict and militarism used by our leaders in the past.      A message for all International Bankers, and investors of the Federal Reserve, World Bank, and IMF



 I will actually do what I say I'm going to do, and I say very clearly what I plan on doing, how I am going to do so, why I'm going to do it, and why you should and will be very happy that I was able to.      


 To do so, I need your support, thank you.


Please see the  ISSUES  section for details on exactly what I propose and stand to do when in office.





-Mosheh Thezion


previously ran for President as....

                            FEC CANDIDATE ID: P20002135
  Campaign Committee : C00480657 MOSHEH FOR PRESIDENT


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