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My fellow humans,

I shall not be running for US President in 2016, and instead I offer the world body of investors the following simple direct letter explaining how they would be able to bring forth solution to our world...     If they organized to do so.
    I offer Moshenian economic theory and policy as a means to solution.  If the global elite and investors would just read it, they would see that we can easily solve the worlds major problems of poverty, hunger and economic stagnation.  

   All that is needed now is that it be implemented.


From : Mosheh Eesho Muhammad, Caliph of god, Avatar General of the Empirical Order Of gods Children. (

Concerning :  I offer my services to re-train and advise the PERSONS who presently run the world so that we can more effectively build a paradise on earth and make a lot of money doing it, in a very reasonable and profitable manner, without any need for wars and communist problems of extreme socialism or religious dominance which threatens the world as a result of the poverty and hunger caused by the flawed old world policies presently used to run the planet.

   I write this to the major investors of the world, because in the end, this is about money and how we make and use money, and how we can most effectively do so over time, and since numbers actually matter, I will show that the numbers say that ending world poverty would be more profitable than allowing for it, meaning allowing for poverty is just economically stupid.

  I will show that it can be profitable to end all world poverty and employ the entire world as we expand into a new mode of economic operation I refer to as "Moshenian Economics", one which is limited only by the population level of our planet. One which needs more and more babies to feed the work machine which would be geared up for expansion on an exponential level, literally, into the seas, the frozen north and south and up to the moon, mars, and beyond into the very stars themselves as the greatest investments of all, investments into the endless expansion and survival of our species.

  It is clear that you all, as listed in this letter are the major global players in investing    and so in world affairs generally, and so I offer you all a better way to run the planet.

  Some would say that your all evil bastards who do not care about your fellow humans and only care about greed and power, but I do not believe this to be true, I believe that the world global billionaire elite, do care, but that you simply do not know how to do it without losing your wealth and power, but I do, and you really should all listen to me to help you take over and transform the world.  You can take credit for global economic salvation, or you can be blamed for all the fear, poverty, hunger, and anger, which IS presently focused on you.

SUMMARY :  The key issue here, as we contemplate how to resolve the worlds problems, is we don't want to ruin everyone to do it, we want a way to neatly transition and otherwise preserve the long term value of the GOLD HOARD of the world elite, and I propose to do more than this, but to show also how we can ensure a long term stability of values over time, expand markets for gold, and provide much more secure and lucrative investments to interest all the global investors who presently hold gold and would prefer to own something safer or more productive, which would be made available by the new economic growth system to be established. 
   This then ensures better investment opportunities for global investors, and the spreading of the gold back down to the common people to wear, trade, HOARD, and make use of in all ways. So much so that in future cities to be built, the side walks will appear to be of gold,  as it becomes a thing of beauty to be enjoyed by all, were by those holding it now can sell it over time.  The new economic system would provide so many investment avenues with predictable insurances, that gold becomes only one of the prettiest of the available elements, but no longer the preferred long term hedge gold presently is, due to the new abundance of other elements which are more rare, valuable and potentially useful. And yet, with the new economic system of global currency we COULD INTRODUCE UNDER THESE PLANS, present hoards of gold can be immediately transformed (traded)into the new FAITH NOTE CERTIFICATES, and traded as such WITH a new market pegged value which by design can NEVER DECLINE IN VALUE. A way out for all gold holding investors, by allowing them to take a soon to be falling commodity investment, and convert it into a rock solid long term investment which can never loose value.  Combine this with new investment strategies, and you have not only a way out, and a way to ensure long term secure value, but endless new investment opportunities, if, if, if, the world, adopts these new global policies.
   Basically, I'm saying you get to sell your hoard and buy better stuff, while investing and using a new system which will allow massive huge new investment opportunities for you and people all over the world, as we free ourselves of the stupid old world debt and slavery economics of the present system because the only way to make maximum profits is to have maximum growth based on a clean foundation of purpose and goals, so that growth isn't by mistake or random, but by design, so that with THE COMBINATION of GOALS and with what I  propose as basically ENDLESS INTEREST FREE CREDIT we can do anything.  We can transform the world.


summary points.

  Put simply, we can use a new interest free real commodity based money system, to grant our world unlimited interest free credit, to fund not only an end to poverty, but more importantly, a maximization of the work potential of our species, where the work production limit is limited only by population, its called "Moshenian Economics".


    As described at this link : ->    Each nation, which is presently using a form of fiat currency, tied to their GDP and who's value is based on international trade and trust in credit ratings and payments.....   can... Each nation can...  end this cycle of foreign entanglement, and fluctuating values, by RE-VALUING their own sovereign currency, to be based on real commodity values held in perfect storage in and by their nation.
   Of course, everyone knows that the many nations of the earth, do not have enough physical commodity wealth in storage to be able to attempt doing any such thing, however, each nation does technically have vast mountains of land and resources available to them, each, under ground, as what we call mountain ranges are nothing more than flat land which was lifted, broken and worn down by erosion over time, as such, each nation even a flat dry nation is technically rich with vast resources bellow their feet, just waiting to be drilled, mined, excavated, processed and used to build the future world of human kind.
   It is in this simple way, that any given nation can, literally, be able to make a very clear prediction of bringing up abundant gains, if, that nations government was dedicated in a very clear socialist manner to digging the deep shaft mines all over their land to explore for values and exploit everything they find, and as mines get deep enough, they can be physically converted into safe, mine shaft based geothermal steam boiler power plants, providing clean energy for hundreds of years.
    It is this kind of simple, long term monetary policy where by a nation pegs its currency to  commodity values (in perfect time lock storage under ground) that allows a nation to not only immediately end all borrowing, but also pay off all debts with a currency which is pegged for long term value.  This might ordinarily be a problem except that what I propose to use is what I call a FAITH NOTE CERTIFICATE, WHICH IS NOT PEGGED TO ANY ONE COMMODITY, but to many of them, perhaps all of them, where by the note is valued for exchange by a commodity value which would be set at the time of the note formation, meaning what ever the market value was, or is agreeable at the time of first trading, is used as a marker for setting a scale of values written on and within the FAITH NOTE, meaning the note is worth, either said amount of gold(one million in), or an equal value in platinum, or copper, or iron, or aluminum, etc....   the value being pegged to all metals, at the time of trading and formation. which means that if metal values fluctuate over time, one could make money in trading in FAITH NOTES over time, but it also means that FAITH NOTES, hold their value, NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS TO THE COMMODITY MARKET...  NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS TO GOLD .... OR SILVER... OR ANY METAL... the value of the FAITH NOTE... holds its value because it was pegged to specific weights of many or all metals at the time of creation, where it was either used to pay off debts, or used to back the creation of currency to be circulated. 
   In this way, the very idea of having to borrow from foreign bankers, or some Federal system of bankers who happen to own all the gold, becomes just stupid, because each nation is technically rich in resources and it simply has yet to recognize and attempt to make use of it.    Doing so, then gives a nation not only a means to back a sovereign currency, and pay off all its debts, but it also gives a nation a means to make use of virtually interest free credit.
   (of course to do this, either all trading partners must be involved, or this needs the oversight and blessing of the IMF and World Bank, who might be very upset at first, until they read the rest of the letter and see the international benefits.)

   SO LET US BE CLEAR : a nations currency can be set to be equal to a FAITH NOTE.
    FOR EXAMPLE : ---  one US Dollar = 1/1,000,000 a FAITH NOTE
                  OR million Dollars = one FAITH NOTE.
                  ALSO LIKEWISE... THE NOTE would be pegged to commodities at the time of creation, so that while it can be traded for one million US Dollars, it can also be traded for 1000 ounces of gold,  and or 700 ounces of platinum, or specific amounts of copper, aluminum, iron, Erbium, Iridium, Thorium etc...   so that should anyone buy a Faith note using gold when gold was low, one could then attempt to trade it when gold is high. However any such market for sold NOTES, would be free market, and not subject to FAITH NOTE limitations. 
   The LIMITATION being that FAITH NOTES, are created one at a time, and numbered, to be paid off by various government owned and run mining operations, so the NOTES, are to be exchanged for the produced commodity over time (turned in), as it(the valuable commodity) is produced, NOT ON DEMAND, but as provided by timing, by numbered certificates, and people holding one, can trade it in the open market, but payment and the eventual cashing in of the NOTE is limited by the timing it is predicted to take to pay off the notes to reach the number on any note being traded. The person trading, and or holding it when it comes up for "cashing in" however can choose which commodity he wants, such that if platinum was way up, he could demand platinum, and even though he may be forced to receive his payment in Gold or Copper, he would enjoy the fact that since Platinum was up, the value of the specific ounces the FAITH NOTE is pegged for platinum is converted for value to be dispensed, even if dispensed in Gold, meaning more gold collected by the lucky trader who noticed platinum was up when his note was timed out for trading into the government treasury run mining operations. The only stipulation then is that when notes comes up for payoff, they must be turned in immediately and paid off, and if not, if lost, or stored by morons, then they may potentially lose their pay off.

  TO USE FAITH NOTES, a nation would simply create them and back them by a commitment to run socialist mining and energy efforts, each NOTE being valued at for example 1000 ounces of gold, and pegged to all the relative values(one million dollars worth) of the many metal options a nation is confident to be able to provide.  Therefore a nation need only create enough to back all their present currency in circulation, and use a few more to pay off the bankers and investors so they do not cry foul.
   Then it becomes a simple matter of planning to properly use the investment potential of creating any new notes, to build large grand projects of great value (mostly mining and energy projects) which can employ all the unemployed in any nation and allow them to not only pay off all these new notes easily over time, but bring prosperity to their nation doing it.

  The reason a sovereign government as a nation can create these, and force other nations to take them in trade as being good, is because of the commitment to actually start the mines to pay it all off, and now, a nation has all the money it needs to afford doing so, and proving to all that its credit is good, by actually developing its resources which is something it should of been doing anyway. The credit and value becomes good, and as long as a nation does not over spend its currency value can remain high, but if a nation over spends, relative to payoff rates then it may find itself with decreasing relative value in the open international market.
   Of course, the reality is, nations need help, and this entire plan is based on building a deliberate and clear team of people globally, to address and solve for all world problems by clear open implementation of investment capital to get things done.



   As I have discussed above, any given nation does have in perfect storage what can be honestly considered vast material resources of various commodities(under ground), and any given nation could immediately use this predictable wealth to pay off debts and revalue their currency to have a stable long term value which is completely controlled by that nations government by mandating a national commitment to run massive mining projects to develop those resources and build massive long term geothermal energy projects, the whole of which combined serves to pay off all FAITH NOTES created to fund these many projects. 
   A nation then has "interest free credit" to invest into just about anything it wants, however, as the over all number of promised notes to pay off becomes larger, the rate or time period it will take for payoff of any new notes would get longer. Meaning if a nation spends too much, then at some point any new notes it creates will take 100's of years to pay off, and that nation will find few who will trade for it, even if it holds its value.
   The key then is to use the self interest free credit specifically on projects which will provide a gain, such as mining and energy, but can include items such as stadiums, schools, Universities which can be tied to long term taxes to ensure an eventual payoff. It is the payoff which is important, for as each note gets paid off, it allows a nation to not only fill its vaults with actual physical gold and back its currency in physical metals, but also serves to pay all holders their due. Such that as long as the projects are limited to projects of gain, and the rate of development is tied to a nations unemployment rate, then, it would be possible to have a nation with zero unemployment, zero debt, and have the ability to keep taxes low and encourage a free market. Specifically, to ensure a nation never over spends, it should only invest into these work projects to the point of providing zero unemployment BUT NEVER TO THE POINT OF NEEDING IMMIGRATION, AND ALWAYS paying less than the FREE MARKET, and SLOWING AND REDUCING THESE WORK PROJECTS AND MOTIVATING WORKERS TO SEEK FREE MARKET WORK as needed to bring benefit to the free market at all times, and as persons become unemployed during economic down turns, they can immediately become re-employed by the state in these massive projects until such time as they are able to find free market work again. 
   Therefore the government mining work force, and therefore spending rate on these projects is always directly tied to the needs of the people in any nation, such that in hard times with job loss, there would be an automatic increase in government work forces, so the payoff rate for the nations FAITH NOTES would increase, allowing for greater rates of return and an increase in the international value of the sovereign currency.  This Moshenian economics employment function then serves to allow for maximum operational growth and potential for a nations economy, prevents unemployment and eliminates the pit falls of a recession or even a global depression. 
   The temptation will of course be to over spend and nations who do so, will end up having to borrow and end up in the same trap they are in today, a debt trap, which is stupid.

   It should be clear that the IMF, World Bank, and any and all international corporations who may hold great hordes of gold, cannot do the things which an actual nation can and could do, but still we have a problem in the form of the IMF and World Bank which exist for theoretically good purposes but which also require gain from its many loans to make its existance worthwhile, and also because the world elite have put their gold in those institutions and they expect a return on their deposits, as well as assurances of preserving its value. So, what to do?
   The solution then is to place both the IMF and World Bank, under the direct control of the UN, which as a representative body of the whole world, can, as such, lay claim to all INTERNATIONAL WATERS AND LANDS, under the oceans, Antarctica, and up into the moon, Mars, the Asterioid belt, and everything else we can reach and make use of in this solar system.

    QUESTION : Who owns the solar system?
    ANSWER :  We do, as the human race, as Earthlings we can claim the entire solar system.

   Thereby as mentioned, if the IMF and World bank were literally nationalized by the U.N. then and only then, could they be used to create a new global currency, by making the IMF the global treasury, and the World Bank into what is similar to the Federal Reserve in the USA (for example).
  The IMF TREASURY would then be in charge of printing and accounting for INTERNATIONAL FAITH NOTE CERTIFICATES, which just like the FAITH NOTES described for national use, these notes represent future obtainable values in commodities which will eventually be derived from international waters, Antarctica, the moon, Mars, the Asterioid belt etc. (AND, it is at this point that all global players in gold hoarding can trade in their physical hoard for an equal value of FAITH NOTES, which can be traded as such, or held and hoarded. 
   The KEY ISSUE being that at the time of trading-in the note (in the future as numbered on the note), the owner can specify their payment in any of the commodities listed on the note, in the gram weight it is pegged too, such that if values have fluctuated great gains can be made, or in the worst case scenario, the original value of purchase in gold(ounces/pounds), can be yielded back, showing a preservation of the value under all circumstances, meaning a zero risk.
   The IMF then has what can be considered almost unlimited credit potential to invest into massive global projects designed to do three things,...
 A) Build up the global infrastructure to serve what is the predictable future.
 B) Employ the world population, completely by limiting growth rates specifically to population and unemployment rates. I.e, the IMF investments and rate of investment would by design be limited to what is needed to employ all the workers only, as it becomes literally impossible to invest beyond the limit of a work force. Therefore maximum rates of investment and growth would mean having a zero unemployment rate globally. 
   The doing of (B) would involve a direct involvement of national sovereign governments, to help them employ their people, by offering investment capital to build major projects of all kinds limited by how much unemployment a nation has.  The more unemployment that nation has, the more mining and energy development it should be doing nationally, and the IMF and World bank can help with building social infrastructure for that blooming societies needs, and otherwise help a nation manage its resource development programs.

 C) Establish the global promise to each nation, that the funding developed and wealth drawn forth and collected from all international lands will be used internationally for three specific things to benefit the many nations.
   1) Charity services to all nations, for its people in need. 
   2) Economic support, as limited investments to employ its people, and potential loans. 
   3) and most importantly, to provide each and every nation with its own long term survival plan, services and options. (stock piles or launches)

   The IMF, as the treasury would make the FAITH NOTES, and declare their value in writing and work with all brokers globally to sell and trade them, but also as creator of the FAITH NOTE potential, it would give a virtually unlimited supply to the new WORLD Federal BANK.
   IN OTHER WORDS THE REASON ALL NATIONS WILL SUPPORT THIS IS: because the massive wealth potential created would serve them, as low to zero interest loans to the governments (loans they should never need), and vast investor potential to help drive all worthwhile efforts of the people of any nation. In other words, the many nations have nothing to lose and everything to gain. This will pay off a nations entire debt, and place each country into a mode of increasing wealth instead of increasing debt.

   The new World Federal Bank, would then be in charge of all lending and grant disbursements, with a very clear set of limitations, such as lending to actual nations must be at near zero interest but with potential penalties, which obviously would seem stupid, however the money to be made off of lending would be to the international corporations who win the contracts being given out by individual nations, or by the IMF under the instruction of the UN to build and run a great many projects all across the world, and then across the solar system.  
  a) ... massive international mining projects all over the ocean floor, and all across Antarctica. (used to immediately start paying off the FAITH NOTES) This would include investments to kick start all mining and energy development in poor nations, as needed based on unemployment rates.

  b) Followed immediately by massive investments into space based programs to build orbital bases and prepare for a full moon base colonization plan, which will lead directly to Mars and the Asterioid belt. (THIS will require workers globally to get involved in making the endless parts which will be needed, and is the means by which the IMF and World Bank, can provide investors to help employ the people of these many nations.)

  c) The most important benefit to be had and provided to each nation by the IMF and World Bank, and UN, is that it would essentially be a world government, but that each nation is part of it, AND that a percentage of the gains derived over time by this U.N. based world government, would be used to fund private accounts for all nations, and these accounts can be used by those nations over time as they see fit, however, their purpose is to allow a nation to fund the building of a survival stash, or stock pile of emergency survival food to feed its entire population in the event of a global extermination event, meaning each nation needs a stock pile of food for its people for no less than 10 years, to ensure the people of that nation can survive a global apocalypse. And it is the duty of any nation to provide for and build that stock pile, which should be easy, since the new IMF would literally be paying for it, spurring a large boom in global agriculture.   This account, also would grow, and serve to provide each nation the means to fund over time any and all deep space exploration style ships it should choose to pay for, build, man and launch, so as to send the seed of that nation to any distance in the stars, as the ultimate goal and purpose of any economy, to fund fruition, and launch our seed, the seed of various specific nations into the stars, to all the stars we can possibly reach, being in the long term the greatest investment our species can make, all of which would be paid for by the massive mining and energy projects of the IMF and World Bank, lead by the UN to serve the nations of the world by providing this awesome service.  Survival planning/logistics services, and colonization services would be the the purpose and function of a worthwhile world government.

   All of which would be funded with FAITH NOTE potential, with fair bidding with local, national, and international corporations to build run and create all the labor forces and foundations and useable technology to make it all happen, all of which employs the people of earth, and funds our global survival. 



   The reason why the banking sector needs to make the following change is very simple : As it is today, it is loan sharking, debt slavery tactics, and usury on the worst scale imaginable in the Biblical sense of the word "usury", which is to lend for profit with or without interest.
   The issue comes down to, since money is a fake thing invented by man, should it be allowed to be used to rob people blind? Should someone who has money, be allowed to lend it to people who have little, and charge them so much interest that the poor person ends up paying double or more in return, and in many circumstances can be tricked into making nearly life long payments for what was originally a small sum of money?  The Bible says no...  that, is debt slavery.
   The question then is why?  Why does the Bible say no? and the simple truth is that it does so, Moses put it there, because he knew, that was how the Pharoahs of Egypt maintained their insane wealth and control over the population, with banking, lending and interest and debt, and he knew that any society that allowed for that kind of banking would eventually be enslaved to whom ever has all of the wealth and can collect it all, making even the free man land owner and free worker a debt slave to the ruler who sits on a throne of usury. This is why usury is forbidden between Jews in the Torah, old testament Bible, because usury would allow one man to collect so much wealth as to surpass any king or government, forming pyramids of power just as the egyptians do, so to prevent this, strict laws state that in lending between Jews, between brothers that usury is forbidden, and that such loans should be to help fellow Jews as brothers rise up, together, not rob and profit off each other, but from foreigners and foreign nations it would be ok to profit, as they are not Jews or brothers under that sense originally taught by Moses. And then Jesus came along, and proclaimed a global brotherhood of all mankind, and we all know what happened to him. 

   So now the reason a nation should change its banking system in the following ways is simply because if the people are not being robbed by a small group of bankers, then all that extra money they would of lost, could and would be spent in the open economy, simple.

   A) All community banks who lend must lend to individual people at zero interest for any loans going to purchase a home or standard vehicle, but is limited to only that, and this service is provided to the people in exchange for zero risk being held by the bank, as the primary lender would then be directly the Federal reserve, which must be nationalized and represent the people, who then lend to the people at zero interest as brothers, however debts are never forgiven, and must be paid, and credit ratings would apply when seeking loans as normal. Penalties and low service fees could however be applied by banks who service the paperwork on these loans.

   B) All community banks can however lend at interest to businesses in their community or otherwise, but do so by assuming the risk involved in these loans, and standard banking practices would apply as usual. Since lending to and for business does not violate usury laws and does not rob the people, and can be considered as just business and perfectly fair.

   C) The issuance of credit cards, would again have to follow the standard of usury laws, as issuing interest based credit cards to the people is just another way to enslave the people to long term debt in the order of 10's or 100's or even 1000's of dollars a month in interest charges for all the suckers who end up holding a balance. Therefore, credit cards would have to be at zero interest with again, penalties and service fees only, and it would only be for business based credit cards that interest could be applied to their use, and of course, the use of private personal cards to pay for business expenses, would then be considered fraud, and a punishable offense to prevent abuse of what would be an very generous new system.

   D) Since the NEW national Federal banking system, would now be using real commodity based money instead of fiat, the money deposited in banks no longer needs to gain interest payments, as the currency is now stable and does not suffer deflation due to inflation effects any longer. Yet banks could offer gains on deposits, but such would be based on bank investment strategies and not issued by the Federal Reserve, as not provided any longer as interest payments in the Federal system. The money itself could and would be insured, and assured to hold its value over time, but the interest gains presently enjoyed would no longer be justified. Except, again, as incentives given by banks to encourage deposits(as it should be).

   E) It should be noted here, that with the new investment strategies available to sovereign governments and the new IMF world treasury, and World Federal Bank, business opportunities and so business lending will be booming all across the world, as people become employed and need ways to spend their gains.


    Moshenian economics can be boiled down to four simple areas of understanding.

   GOALS : ZERO UNEMPLOYMENT GLOBALLY, and investments into each nations expansion.
   GAINS : END ALL DEBT CYCLES, national sovereignty restored globally, huge investments.
   LIMITS : Rate of development cannot exceed a populations need for employment.

 GOALS :  Goal orientated economics :
        The reality behind the basic goals of "ZERO UNEMPLOYMENT GLOBALLY, and investments into each nations expansion" is, then that the GOALS as it were, is in truth more of a list of agenda items which need to be met in order for it to be possible to implement Moshenian economic policies, and actually do, and fulfill the goals as described. 


            To implement this solution plan, our world, as via the U.N. needs to grow up and recognize its purpose, its BEING, THAT WE EXIST AS A PEOPLE, AND NEED TO WAKE UP TO HOW RICH WE ARE, HOW MUCH POTENTIAL WE HAVE, AND HOW STUPID IT IS TO USE THESE OLD WORLD ECONOMIC METHODS ANYMORE... we now have a better way to run the planet, called Moshenian Economic Policy, which dictates that our world, and society, and every life has a purpose, and the ultimate fulfillment of government and leadership is to maximize the ability of the people as a whole to reach their maximum potential, their best purpose as BEINGS, who live, and lived and begot the generations which will follow. But doing so, cannot come at the expense of other peoples freedom, or rights, or property, or even money. We must be fair, and find a better fair way, and I have presented it to you, as Moshenian Economic Policy, where the world must first recognize that we,....  WE....  are in some deep shit, and if we do not come together and organize in a real serious manner, that we, are going to have some serious problems.... wars... famine..  death..  all kinds of shit, and the only thing that can save this planet and its people, is POSSIBLY some kind of crazY guy like myself, Mosheh.
  We need to grow up as a people, will be my speech, "grow up, and do the math", recognize the potential, and start working the job... based on the math... to gain the wealth and endless resources which await us, if we get off our lazy butts and do it.
  We must recognize our being, and how important it is to protect, and preserve, and more importantly, to spread, across the cosmos, and then realize, that based on Moshenian Economics, it can be profitable to do exactly that, by adopting that as an economic goal to drive our economies globally.  A good idea, we should not ignore.   

SUBGOAL 2) A COOPERATIVE IMF AND WORLD BANK :  IT WILL ONLY BE BY BEING UNITED IN A BODY LIKE THE U.N., that we can hope to agree on such a significant and long term solution as proposed here, it is only by the many nations understanding how much they have to gain, and how many problems this solves, that they will all come together to work with the international bankers, to change the entire global system, to one based on national sovereignty, real commodity based money, and a global federal system which can provide massive life changing benefits to all nations, in exchange for a vote to allow it to form, by the globalization (owned by the shared body of the U.N.) of the IMF and World Bank, after which the IMF as world treasury can declare on behalf of all humankind of all nations, sovereignty and ownership of all international lands, such as under the ocean, Antarctica, the moon, Mars, Venus, the Asterioid belt and any and all things within this solar system which we can predict that we can access and make use of. And as such, as one planet, we can empower the new IMF as world treasury to implement FAITH NOTE production and operations, to fund, globally the many things needed to fulfill the goals.
   All these goals, will be funded by the IMF through the World Federal Bank, which would fund and invest into vast projects in nations and internationally, all by fair bidding processes and with very open opportunities for competition.
   The super wealthy investors and gold hoard owners, would be assured of their hoard, and given options for conversion, investment and storage, but by design their hoard should be converted to FAITH NOTES, for use in trading or as a long term hedge which is better than gold. 


   I speak of recognizing the historical record, and truth about how economics and the use of money works, and how, it can be used... if allowed... to completely rob and enslave a population, that is why it was invented, as ancient Egypt is a great example. And how, biblical standards... were actually founded to deal with this massive abuse of a monetary system.. and that.... we should consider it, and try and follow it, as just because it is found in a religious text does not make it bad, or stupid, or something to shame...  no.... its actually.. very good economic policy...  good banking policy.. found in the texts of the Bible would prevent a society from allowing one small group from taking over and sucking up all the wealth....  that is the point. (... and that is kind of the problem we have today.)

   To this, I say, let the few who have used usury to get super rich, keep their wealth, lets not kill them, lets not round them up and set them on fire, lets not slice them up into pieces while still alive... I say... we let them keep their hoard, but under the cloak of reason and because its just good business, we are making a change...  a global change to real commodity based currency, and to non-profit personal banking and the major expansion of the business markets....  good changes.. to set our economy free of its chains, and allow for maximum growth, so I say let them live and keep their hoards, as they will likely want to spend it on massive colony ships, to launch their seed and chosen followers into the heavens to seed the galaxy, and god bless them, best of luck to them, and there is no better way for super rich bastards to spend their money than to try and colonize entire solar systems, as the ultimate rich mans hobby. Either way, no matter what, we are going to need to expand, into stellar landscapes, and there is no reason why super rich people cannot start their own galactic colonization empires along the way, I mean, they are humans, so god bless them. 
  And the doing of this, the saving of the lives of all the elite super wealthy from the rage of the hungry masses, will be a simple contract, between the new Global Federal Treasury/ World Federal Bank and the sovereign nations of the world (U.N.), to be completely open and transparent and to share its gains with each nation, and to deposit those gains in accounts controlled by the sovereign nations, and to offer a very specific and limited amount of investment capital, specifically to fund employment for the people into massive mining and energy projects, to which schools can be added also as educational programs will be of great need to train the workers of the world. The ending of poverty by providing work, ends the anger, hunger and makes the wealthy elite the saviors of the global poor.

   This kind of contract, will ensure the poor masses do not, and will not ever rise up and kill the wealthy, and the wealthy and governments become the saviors of the poor masses.


           The actual labor of building and running the mining and energy operations would require forming a Global Federal Agency, as the world needs an organized team of experts to take on these tasks, as well as abundant logistics personnel to deal with planning for immediate projects in each nation, and be able to make fair and honest predictions about costs and potential returns per circumstance. The key issue being, that this new Global Federal Agency is NOT A WORLD GOVERNMENT, its a mining and energy organization controlled and run by the IMF on behalf of the U.N. and its structure, and nature must be such as to make this clear and without doubt least conflict occur due to assholes who will without doubt attempt to expand its scope and work zone to military functions and this must not be allowed.  The Military in any form, must never come under the control of any power other than a sovereign nation, or the U.N. itself. This should not need further explanation. It must all work for the people, and under no circumstance can it be allowed to be privatized or become anything but a servant to the people of the world via the U.N. because it may actually end up employing millions of people.
   The creation of this new global force, must be clear, so that what we create is by design guaranteed to form a good thing, with clear reins, holding it in place so it can do its job, and only its job, period for as long as it may exist.


        Perfection is definable in this sense by being able to meet simple goals such as being able to meet the primary goal of employing the world, but as I have shown over and over, the foundation of this plan is, that with almost unlimited amounts of investment credit potential, it becomes possible to expand every economy, but only to the point of employing all its people. It is not possible to invest further, and at this point the investments start to reduce and recede, and are only re-applied as needed over time to maintain the employment rate at as close to zero as possible, while always favoring the free market, by always having these socialist work programs paying less than free market work, and providing training services to increase their labor value to the free market over time, and encourage free market expansion by constantly stealing employees from these work efforts.
   These work programs, and projects would have to be controlled by the Global Federal Agency, to prevent fraud and waste, and to investigate all possible cases of, so while sovereign nations would be allowed to run and manage these programs, they would be (if they want international FAITH NOTE money) overseen by the Global Federal Agency to ensure efficient use of funds to directly employ the people, and not over pay managers.
   As would be obvious there would have to be a immediate boost in sales and production by all food producing nations, until after a few years buyer nations become more and more self sufficient, but until that time, all fertile nations would enjoy rich markets for food distribution as a needed function of Moshenian economics to feed the work force who will do all the work to transform the world. Technically speaking, human labor relative to food costs is very efficient and potentially profitable. Therefore the long term investment in feeding and training people as a work force is just good business, for then they can be employed to produce and work and labor to build the future of our world.


  PROGRAMS :  To build a new world, you must have plans.
      IMF supported : national mining programs/investments
      IMF supported : converting mining to energy investments (geothermal)
      IMF supported : trade development investments (resource management)
   It should be clear at this point, there are numerous programs to be started and funded by the IMF via the World Federal Bank, and used to fund as grants, loans and investment capital projects in each nation to spur its mining and energy sector to expand to meet its populations employment needs, with considerations for schools, infrastructure and agricultural, always as investments to seek to make all individual nations completely self supportive as a means of strategic survival planning as a species.  Each nation should by its own efforts build up its own economy and production abilities to provide completely for its own needs, rather than depend on imports(a long term goal), again being part of the strategic survival planning of Moshenian economic policy, as a way to drive forward each nations economy to meet this standard, which in most nations will require a lot of long term growth, growth as work, with the abundance of that work focused on recovering resources, and converting them into items of value and use. (most especially water)

   These programs, would be two fold, ones used within nations as needed by that nation to secure the zero unemployment rate mandate...  and, internationally, in the oceans and Antarctica to mine for resources, and develop any energy potentials. 
   The main issue to be considered here, is that these programs, would be the pudding so to speak, programs to build schools, to build factories, to build roads, to build nations literally...  serious nation building, and planning, with a long term vision, and along the way, there is massive piles of money to be made by business people all across the world, and it would be win win for everyone, and while I could go on and on about potential programs, that is not what matters, as what matters, is that we could under these policies be able to actually pay for all these programs, and fund the development of the new world.
   What matters and is most important, is that always, always, always each program to fund any project must be ones which yield real gains, such as mines, energy projects, and schools, always ones which produce gains which can over time pay off the funds used to start, run and manage these projects over time, such as minerals, energy, and in the form of educated people to lead and run the work force, making schools a form of needed infrastructure to be able to maintain any operational efficiency over time, period. The mandate must be clear, and nations must never be allowed to use FAITH NOTE potential in any form to fund giant art projects, or beautification projects, or anything other than a project which can produce gain.  Acceptable projects would be schools, hospitals, Stadiums, roads, water projects, agricultural projects, and of course mining and energy projects.  This is to ensure we prevent moron politicians from wasting huge funds for stupid lame projects, which will occur.
   In time as these programs are fulfilled and paid off, and nations come to expand their free markets to absorb their own entire work force, and they become debt free, and flush with spendable cash, then they can spend it on as many stupid projects as they like, but the programs using FAITH NOTE potential, must never be wasted on anything other than projects which provide gains and employ humans to do it.

          1) Each nation gains massive benefits literally as the reason for doing this, starting with funds placed into an account for each nation BY THE IMF WITH GAINS FROM INTERNATIONAL MINING AND ENERGY PROJECTS, which it (nation) is intended to use to fund paying for stock piles of long term survival hoards of food, grown by farmers within their own nation, expanding their economy, and over time also funding paying for building and launching massive interstellar colony ships, so as to send millions of a nations population to other stars, literally, to begin populating the galaxy. A long term goal to be sure, but one which gives each nation a purpose and goal to strive for, a reason to collect and not waste funds, to pay for the destiny of its people into the eternity of the heavens, literally.
          2) The people of earth gain as each nation is now assured of a form of social security, in the form of work for all, regardless of circumstances, everyone has value and work can be found for them, and no one will be left to the gutter or forgotten, or allowed to sit around and do nothing, for doing so, is just bad economics, and it is much better to help people and get them working in some fashion to produce gains to fund their existance and fund our future.  This will end poverty, homelessness and hunger, and make money doing it. 
   As mentioned each nation would now have vast interest free credit potential to invest into its own nation, AND ALSO...  the IMF would have special teams organized to help nations solve their own problems by using their own FAITH NOTE potential...  and in some case, by the use of international IMF FAITH NOTE funds to drive forward and build up whatever a nation has to build up, which in many poor nations may not seem like much, however the resources bellow ground combined with potential water solutions would make it possible to not only make deserts blossom, but also build, build, build with the materials we can pull out of the ground.
   Time, faith, effort and water can transform any nation into a paradise, if the work force labor of a nation is used properly.

          3) The investors of the world gain as I have shown, we do have the vast interest free credit potential from resources we as a planet already own, and we need only organize our system to recognize it, allow for it, and permit its use, which then, makes everyone a lot of money as we bring salvation to this world and its people. Salvation means jobs and food, and if the major investors of the world get on board with this, then they can take credit for ending all world hunger and feel really awesome about themselves, especially since it would be profitable to do so.

          1) PARADICE CANNOT LAST : and I cannot predict long term prosperity beyond 1000 years under Moshenian economics, and the only way to ensure any preservation of quality of life and living standards for those who remain on Earth is for most of the worlds population to leave (per nation) and launch, leaving only and always enough to breed and refill the population and each generation launches again, and again, and again, producing babies and collecting the vast resources to launch and launch, as much as possible, for in the end the long term odds of our species survival will depend on how many launches we can make before our earth runs out of the resources to do so.

          2) SPENDING RATE LIMITS :As mentioned before, nations and the IMF must avoid excess spending rates as doing so, reduces faith by extending pay out dates to so far away that if every nation did so and over spent, then the whole system would collapse as it become impossible for nations to pay for the crap they have already bought.  This limit on spending must be clear. Spending must never exceed what is needed to employ the people, and FAITH NOTE potential must never be spent on anything which cannot pay for itself over time.
   The spending of FAITH NOTE potential, is meant to fund the creation of an industry such as a mine, or factory or power plant and pay for all its equipment, and payroll, until such time as its gains pay off that investment and it starts to provide real profits, at which point the yearly gains become spendable or investable income for any nation, or the IMF, or wise investors who stepped in to help fund the many endless global projects.  :)
    Such that the rate of investing with FAITH NOTE potential is limited per year, and old notes should be paid off before new notes are created, to ensure that pay off rates remain predictable and constant or as much so as possible per nation based on mining efforts.      

 --> There is however no limit on what could be personal or corporate investments into any and all projects, however any funds as loans by the World Federal Bank would be limited as such, and any risk reduction options would be highly limited, very public, and likely yearly debated and legislated, yet, during obvious periods and places where the private sector is shouldering all if not most of the cost of investing and starting numerous ventures, it would be reasonable to offer via the IMF types of limited insurance and so forth to increase faith in the private sector to invest and fund projects, but, these policies would be subject to national sovereign regulation and oversight, such that any such insurance options would be just that, options, which can vary from nation to nation. But international projects would be open season for investors to lock onto and gain from any number of global and interplanetary projects, which frankly gives the super wealthy elite the options of a dream, to buy and own planets and moons and fund building interstellar colony ships to carry their seed to the cosmos.  

FINAL EXECUTIVE SUMMARY : The vision should be clear to everyone who has read this letter, as the fact is our world as it stands right now has little hope, it has pain and fear, great hunger, little food, war, no love, no sharing and mountains of greed, with starvation and hunger spreading all across the world and the only reason the official records show a drop of any kind is because all those people DIED, and are no longer hungry. 

   I have provided you all here with the foundation and understanding of Moshenian economics, and you no longer need myself to accomplish any of these goals (hence I will not be running for U.S. president in 2016), and the only thing which is required at this point is that you learn and understand this economic policy, and share it with other investors, so that when enough of you, the elite, the super rich understand this simple economic formula, then, you all, become empowered to save this planet.... from your own stupidity.

let me be clear.

Considering that the worlds population is the "work force", we have...

(work force x skills) + (resources-greed) = potential prosperity for the work force

Such that, one limit is the size of the work force, another is the skill level of that work force, and another is the amount of resources available minus the greed involved which will steal a lot of those resources, combined they equal what is the potential for prosperity on the whole for that work force.    This is not rocket science.

  To achieve maximum prosperity, any world in question only needs a large UNIFIED work force, but if we double the skill level of the work force the potential prosperity may also double in some circumstances, and if we increase the rate of resource development then we get an increase in potential prosperity, and as long as we operate in a manner with as little greed based drains as possible, (-->such as interest based loan shark personal banking practices), then we can achieve maximum potential prosperity, by allowing people to spend that money on their own prosperity, and their own potential gold hoard. 
   Make babies, educate and train them, expand all resource production efforts, and plug all debt drains and money leaks, and the overall operational efficiency, prosperity and growth potential of this planets people is maximized.

    Moshenian economics is based on, as this letter discusses, these four simple points.

1) That each nation has vast resource potential buried in perfect storage.
2) That each nation could use its potential to invest into its production on the surface.
3) That all nations can unite, and lay claim to the entire solar system.
4) That the many nations can share in the gains, and use those gains to seek goals such as survival planning and interstellar colonization, all of which serves as the foundation to drive not only the economies of nations but of the entire world, and we all gain as we expand and expand to take over not only this solar system but the entire galaxy.

1) First that each nation has below its feet vast untapped wealth, as mountains are nothing but flat land which was raised and broken up containing vast amounts of resources, which can be considered as being in a perfect time lock safe, and the mechanism for getting those resources out is the size and scope of the mining operations a nation could and should set up to go and get those vast resources. And doing so, would allow a nation to have FAITH.... faith.. in the potential to be gained from the vast storage of wealth which, over time is assured to be delivered. And this allows a nation to produce FAITH NOTES, which can represent that vast hoard of wealth, and can be used to quickly pay off debts, revalue currency to a stable value and invest into its nation to serve its people, all of which works out, as long as the nation commits to the limits as discussed in this letter.

2) All nations should by all that is logical and reasonable strive to not only ensure its peoples survive on a daily basis, but plan for emergency situations, and more so, plan for the long term expansion and prosperity of a nations people, and now, under these economic policies a nations could do so, as fundamentally, IMF provided funds to be invested to pay for stock piles of food, and any and all industrial equipment WHICH should be produced by people and factories in that nation, such that all these new funds, should be used to build up in each nation a strategic supply and defense system of production and capability so that in the worst case situation, if that nation were the only one left on earth, that they would have the industrial means and know how to use and rebuild everything, and without any disaster occuring, it is best economically for each nation to be as self supportive as possible especially concerning food and energy.
   We must plan always for disaster as if we are sure it will happen, and when it does not we are doubly happy and content in that we are very prepared and have excess goods to share, but if and when it does happen, we will be ten times over joyed that we were smart enough to prepare, for otherwise we all die.

3) That all nations can, via the U.N. make and lay claim over not only the vast ocean bottoms, and Antarctica, but the entire solar system and all its vast resources, which any decent scientist can tell you, is so loaded with valuables as to make your head spin, such as the Asterioid belt just beyond mars contains the vast raw resources of the solar systems birth, as  giant mountain size rocks made entirely of platinum group metals, and just about everything and anything we could ask for as resources is there, literally, like a planet all broken up into little pieces and laid out making it all perfect to sift through and find the diamonds.
   Such that all nations can, by recognizing this potential, come together laying that claim and create the same kind of FAITH NOTE potential that any nation can do, and with this vast potential, we can literally pay for our way to the stars, and the only thing which would limit us is the small minds of our leaders, and the greed of the investors to rob our potential, and in doing so spell the doom of our species. We cannot allow doom, so we must adopt these types of plans to ensure that doom is prevented, for some, if not for all, and let the personal greed of individual nations determine how likely they are to survive or expand.

4) The most important benefit to be had, is that once we are building space bases, moon bases, Mars bases, and mining the asteroid belt, that not only is all that wealth coming back to Earth and being fairly divided by nations, but that we can collect these massive bodies, 100-1000 feet thick, and combine them to use as long term material shielding and storage for massive space bases and colony ships to be built. In other words, once we have access to these massive rocks, we can not only hollow them out, but collect them and use them to shield any and all vehicles we may wish to build, as the only hope we have for deep colonization is to build big, and use massive shielding, and have spin for artificial gravity, and use this massive excess mass load as a fuel source to run through nuclear rockets to thrust our way from star to star, which we can do, right now using existing technology, if, if, if, if... we dedicate our money and resources to do so, and what I am saying is... that if we actually link our economy and growth rate to this goal and purpose of colonization that we would be able to make use of the vast FAITH NOTE potential of our solar system to pay for it. ...  and...  We could take over this galaxy.

   There is great PROMISE for the future of our species if we wake up and organize together in fairness and in wisdom to drive forward our world and species into our ultimate destiny of galactic expansion, however as discussed, it, as an argument comes down to one thing and that is whether it is worth it to do so, and I would say yes, because by doing so the world has HOPE, and there is great promise for the future as we make very serious and deliberate plans to expand and employ and put to work the entire world in real global goals for we as a species in order to shine, must have a goal and purpose, and having it gives an economy the one thing it cannot supply on its own, reason, which is more valuable than anything else, because it is our lives, and beings which is the greatest asset in the universe...  we...  live..  and we are one family, and we must stand and be strong side by side to conquer all obstacles which stand against us, and right now, our greatest obstacle is the stupidity of our worlds global elite billionaires, who presently have no clue about how to solve the problems of this world, but, if they have read this letter, then they now are educated and now know how simple it would be, and also they know that only the global elite could do it....  no one else has the power.
   Its a simple question... which interpretation of Biblical Rapture do you want? 1000 years of paradise on earth.. and the launching of our species into the heavens???   or..  1000 years of continued greed, war, famine, plagues, and suffering and death....  because you have the choice...  you can literally choose..  Judgement day is here.

The THREAT is clear, because either the global billionaire elite will solve the worlds problems, or you will be forced to live in fear, inside bunkers, hiding your faces, as the people get more and more hungry, more and more enraged and angry with you for not finding a way to solve these problems...  for choosing greed instead of love and solution.

  If the global elite, choose to ignore this letter and its simple advice, then good luck is all I can say, because right now one major disaster can turn entire populations into starving mad psychopaths who will literally eat you alive, because you, as leaders did not do anything to plan for their survival, and your own solders are likely to be the first ones to turn on you just to steal your hoards of food. There is no hope if the elite choose to follow the path of greed as you have been doing for the past 10,000 years...  continue with what does not work and you will earn your reward, and if that is the case, then I hope it is being burned alive.

   The problems of this world are not that difficult to solve, and it amazes me that the humans around me could be so stupid and greedy, but if that is the case then there can be no hope, and our world will enjoy nothing but fear, pain, suffering, hunger and a horrible death, which is what it deserves if it is that stupid.    Is our species that stupid?

 I am asking you, reading this, as representative of our species?  Are you that stupid? Will you ignore this and put this aside?  Or will you get off your ass and force other global elite investors to read this... force them to consider it, and force them all to work on it, as the ultimate solution for our world?.. it could come down to you, reading this.

 What are you going to do?

-Mosheh Eesho Muhammad Fabio Luis Edwardo Correa Rodriguez Hiraldo Al-faraj Thezion.
1-818-397-1352 (pick up the phone)
info( at )
caliph(  at )

Do not be slow, otherwise I will start working on plan B, and it does not involve investors.

The following is what was my campaign website.

 Should I run for office in 2016, it is presently my desire to organize myself to run with 1000 other candidates to restore constitutional law in 2016...  I.e...   We could form a team, a front... a front... a team which could not be ignored, if we united to run on one common platform.  In this way, it does not matter if I, or you, get elected, instead what matters, is pushing the issues, and the discussion of the facts, and solutions, period. And by running for office, myself and any who stand with me united, stand to fight for what could be, a much better government and economy.

Fact is, our nation has not had a truly constitutional government in over 80 years, that is a fact, which I can prove and do prove, and is one problem, I say we can easily solve.
--------------                          -------------------
If I could organize 1000 to run, side by side, as a front, I would suggest we stand united on these five points.

We stand united on five simple points.
Those who cannot stand with us, on these five points, can be considered anti-constitutional as should be obvious.

1) To restore our nation to constitutional law and limits, meaning the restoration of the amendment process, rather then ACTS, to grant Federal powers.

2) To Restore true constitutional freedom, as provided for in the constitution as the Common Law legal system, taken away in 1938 under emergency war powers.

3) To restore the constitutional sovereign capacity of our nation to produce real commodity based money and set its value, by repealing the National Banking act of 1933, and placing the Federal Reserve under the direct control of the Congress.

4) To restore true property right to all Americans, so that land and property cannot be taken under any circumstances unless due compensation for it's fair market value is provided.

5) To in no uncertain terms, reverse all the established unconstitutional regulatory powers our government has granted itself since 1933, and to call for a constitutional convention to re-organize our nation, and it's government into a proper functioning Republic, of the people, by the people and for the people. Limited to constitutional rule.

No serious candidate can say they oppose these 5 points, and if they make any excuses, or refuse to sign on as one of the 1000, then it should be clear that they do not care about constitutional law, and constitutional limits, and should be honestly considered a threat.

See ---   this blog for info on the coalition, the team, the united front for the restoration of our constitutional republic, so that we can list and see clearly, which candidates will commit, and which are corrupted.

I myself, have not yet filed officially, but I intend too, so as of yet, I am running an exploratory campaign until I officially file with the FEC.

My campaign may differ greatly from the other 1000, but what matters is that we are united by the five points, and will each of us, commit to restore our constitutional republic, even if we may differ on many points, we are united on these five, and we demand that all major candidates take a position of these five points, or be exposed as corrupted politicians who are anti-constitution, and as such, should be shunned and condemned as unworthy of office.


 I ran for President in 2012 specifically to push a solution plan for our nation and world, which this website describes in great detail.
  In 2016, I will likely run again.

  I do not care about party politics, and my only concern is to solve our nation's and world's major problems, and as such I will work with any and all groups who care enough and have the nerve to get the job done.  To be clear.

   Why should you support me, if I run again?  Honestly, because I am the only human with a truly workable plan to pay off the entire national debt, restore real money and so restore our nations sovereignty out of bankruptcy, and then... when I say restore the constitution as law... I ACTUALLY MEAN IT...  by restoring the Common Law legal system, real money, and amendment based limits on the Federal government.
 I propose a new form of global economics, which solves for all the debt, and makes it possible and profitable to end all global poverty as we build a better future.
 I ask for your consideration of the solution plan.
Please consider what was my platform.
If I had been elected U.S. President in 2012, I WOULD of done the following :
  • I will  RESTORE THE CONSTITUTIONas the rule of law as written, requiring amendments to grant powers.
  • I will  END THE MODERN FEDERAL RESERVE, and nationalize it, so that Congress may Audit/control and dismantle it as it sees fit over time.
  • I will restore true PROPERTY RIGHTS to all Americans.
  • I will  SEAL THE BORDER, by extending the walls, and placing the National Guard in the gaps.
  • I will close the revolving door prisons, with real Common Law hard labor punishment for violent criminals.
  • I will as President, provide true job security for the people, by setting up deliberate long term  FREE MARKET EXPANDING DEVELOPMENT GOALS, with the Military, the Banks, NASA, states, counties, and cities, as we work to transform our nation, and build up its infrastructure for the next several centuries.
  •    After freeing our own nation from debt slavery, and providing the means for economic prosperity for the next several centuries, I will then work to lead the U.N. into a simple and clear economic plan, which will make it possible to actually END ALL WORLD POVERTY, and make money doing it.
                 I call it  A NEW DEAL FOR 2012!
   I challenge all humans on this planet, all Americans, and every politician in office today, and every single candidate I will be running against, including current President Obama.  I challenge you all, to consider and even try to debate the worth of my solution plans for our nation and the world.  
It can work....  I ask you all, to adopt these solutions, for it is only by standing together, that we can solve for our mutual problems.
   I say there is a simple way to end the debt, and free our people! 
   I say its time for a New Deal for America, a New Deal for 2012!
 What everyone needs to understand, is...    ...The Federal government knows its unconstitutional, but it doesnt know how to fix the problem of unconstitutional debts.  
(The problem, is debt currency, national /global usury finance, and massive debts!)

    THAT IS THE ISSUE....   Its not that they are bad people, its just that they are doing the best job they can with what they have, and its not enough, because the debt currency system itself cannot forever stand, it is un-sustainable.     We all know this.

Well, I am here to say there is a way out, there is a solution, and I call that solution, A NEW DEAL FOR 2012!

What is this NEW DEAL for 2012?
   It would be a New Deal literally, between the People, the Government, and the bankers and investors who presently own the Federal Reserve, and hold the abundance of our nations debt.     (This endless debt was caused by the New Deal of 1933)
 The New Deal for 2012 is...   The people demand to be free of the endless debt, and so, USING THESE NEW DEAL FOR 2012 METHODS, the Federal Government, would, under my leadership, PAY OFF  the entire national debt, AND BUY BACK THE FEDERAL RESERVE, and make it a non-profit part of our national treasury.
In this way, the bankers and investors are paid off, and the people are set free.
In this way, our nations sovereignty and Constitutional government can be restored.
   It will be a re-organization of the nations currency, banking, and investment and development strategies, which would serve as a major boom for our nations industry and market potentials, See---> A New Deal for 2012   ... and make it possible to restore a Constitutional government, and also prevent any future market down turns for the working class, by the EDD provision of work, for potentially the next several hundred years as we work through a new re-organization of our own land, and so also pressure the U.N, into a U.N.F, in order to end all world poverty by employing the world, via the free market under contracts using the investment strategies I describe and put forward as this New Deal for 2012, where by human kind takes on a market goal, nation wide, and then world wide, which would be interplanetary expansion, and where by focusing our entire world potential on this goal, we can employ the world, and the rewards are gained over time, as those development plans are fulfilled in various stages and levels.
   In this way, the bankers of the world, can set free the people from debt, and in return the world economy is allowed a major boost, with those bankers and investors, then being able to make much more money than they ever could with debt currency.


Did you know, that.... 
1) The definition of a Debt Slave, is someone who is lent money, and then must work to pay off the loan, and while they may be free to run around, they must always go back to work, and pay either a percentage of their labor, or all of it, to pay that debt until it is paid off.
      Sadly, in 1933, FDR gave the Federal Reserve to major Bankers, by way of making it a stock corporation with multiple layers of complex rules, which effectively distances those who gain from the Federal Reserve, from the Federal Reserve itself, and put up the people and lands, as collateral on the loan of our own Dollars, and in doing so, enslaved all the working people and business people, to pay the never ending debt, which is literally, nation wide debt slavery of the entire nations people. (You!!)
(And via the I.M.F. and World Bank, the entire world.)
(Debt currency= permanent debt=permanent debt put on the people = debt slavery)
   We as Americans, are not supposed to be debt slaves to fake fiat currency, and are not supposed to suffer inflation and pay our taxes to profit foreign or domestic investors, and that is exactly what the Founding Fathers tried to prevent by establishing the Constitution as a means to protect the people from exactly that!!!
  The worst thing FDR did with unlimited Emergency War powers, was he gave the Federal Reserve directly into the hands of Bankers and Corporations (making the Federal Reserve a private corporation owned by American and potentially international stock holders), which provided a loan, and allowed the U.S. to continue to operate in bankruptcy using a new form of DEBT currency, which then directly enslaved the American people to pay that debt, using 14th amendment citizenship, Emergency War powers, and creating a statute court system by which to enforce that excess taxation at the point of a gun, and threat of prison.
    This was done using the Trading with the Enemy Act (1917) (Public Law 65-91, 65th Congress, Session I, Chapters 105, 106, October 6, 1917) which was passed and which defined, regulated and so punished trading with enemies, who were as such, then required by that act to be licensed by the government to do business.
    And The National Banking System Act (Public Law 73-1, 73rd Congress, Session I, Chapter 1, March 9, 1933), Executive Proclamation 2038 (March 6, 1933), Executive Proclamation 2039 (March 9, 1933), and Executive Orders 6073, 6102, 6111 and 6260 prove that in 1933, the United States Government formed under the executive privilege of the original martial rule went bankrupt, and a new state of national emergency (1933) was declared under which United States citizens were named as the enemy to the government and the banking system as per the provisions of the Trading with the Enemy Act.    Which is why the American people are forced to get licences, and permits to do just about anything, like go fishing, run a business, or drive a car, etc.. etc..

2) Our government has operated under a constant state of emergency since 1933, and during a declared emergency the Constitution is no longer the rule of law for the government, and that the declared emergency of 1933, is still bascially in effect, because the National Emergencies act of 1976, does and did nothing to limit the unlimited executive war powers granted and laws changed and procedures established since 1933.   In other words, The Federal government has retained unlimited war powers, since 1933, and regardless of the national emergencies act of 1976, it retains all of those same powers today.  Powers, not granted by the Constitution, and as such, the continued use of, is a violation and usurpation of our Constitution and its limits. And more importantly, all the illegal, un-constitutional changes made since 1933, under emergency war powers, have not been reversed.
   There are many groups, such as constructionists, and originalists, etc, but they all base all their arguments about how we should ''interpret'' the meaning of the Constitution, only because as of 1933, it no longer was the rule of law, and became only a guide to be interpreted.    When in fact, the founding  fathers established it as the rule of law, and intended that its meaning be abundantly clear, in plain english based on the original intent of the Founding fathers, where in the people are free under the Common Law, and government has clear limits, as set forth by that same Constitution. And if, in the course of time, we find a dispute on that clear meaning, then it behooves our Congress to amend the Constitution to make the meaning exactingly clear.  (Thats how its suposed to work!)
   It is not supposed to be a 'living' document, which can be interpreted as we see fit over time as a guide, but it should, must, and was intented to be the defining rule of law in very clear language.
  THEREFORE, we must demand that the Federal government, end all states of emergency, and or give up all emergency war powers granted under emergency war power status. So that legally, the Constitution will be restored as the rule of law, as it is written, after which, we may amend it, as the people may see fit, in openness, in Congress before all the people, and based on our will as a people.
The Constitution, is literally, today, NOT IN EFFECT....     THAT is the detail they dont want the public to wake up to, because they want the people to think our government is constitutional, which IT CANNOT BE, as long as it has emergency war powers, and is not subject to the rules of the Constitution itself.
   This is the most important detail, and explains why our government is out of control.     See.........>   The Constitution

3) The definition of a share-cropper serf, of medieval europe, is where the ruler owns all land and goods, and the people only have a privilege to use it, but if they do not pay their tax, they are kicked off the land, and their possessions taken away.  
    (The 14th amendment states that Federal citizens only have privileges!!! Not rights!!!  Which is why the 14th amendment was never meant to apply to the free people, and was meant only to apply to ex-slaves who had no rights!!! (Civil War era) 
   YET, using emergency war powers, In 1933, FDR forced all Americans to become 14th amendment ex-slaves!....  And does so, via the Birth certificate, stating as law, using war powers, that all babies born and granted birth certificates are by war powers law, designated as 14th amendment Federal citzens, whether they like it or not, and so, subject to unlimited war power federal authrority. 
  And... using Emergency War Powers in 1933, the Federal government declared itself the sovereign ruler, via the National Banking Act of 1933, where the people and lands were put up as colateral on the loan provided by the major American banks, and their international investors, Stock owners of the modern Federal Reserve, and as such, took away our right to truly own property, which is why they can take your land without compensating you., and also take your vehicles, and even take your children, if you do not pay their tax, or obey their endless obscure laws. They turned the people into share-croppers, and that means you.!    You, and your families!
 Before 1933, people owned their property, and had constitutional protections, but AFTER 1933, people lost all rights to own property, and NOW ONLY HAVE the right to USE it, and pay taxes and fees on it... 
     So today... Really..  YOU KNOW THIS IS TRUE...  if you fail to pay your tax fee (rent) to the Government, they now take your property and you DO NOT get compensated for its value, and you have no common law due process... which is evidence that you do not own it, because if you did, they would have to sell it in the fair market (a forced sale), and then give you the extra money for the property which exceeds the debt amount!!!!  
   But they give you nothing!!!  They take your property and sell it short.
  See......>    PROPERTY RIGHTS

   You deserve to truly own your property... But today, you dont... the creditors to our nation do.

   If I'm not mistaken, you are tired of a massive unconstitutional government, and are tired of paying taxes for endless debt, tired of having a private corporation like the IRS and Federal Reserve control our economy, and tired of working so hard, and in the end, not actually owning your land, or having any of the protections and rights provided for in the Constitution, because since 1933 the Constitution has not been in effect, and there is only one way to restore it, and that is to elect people like myself  who will scream their heads off to get you back what has been taken from the people.

   If we are to fix the problems of our Nation, our Government, and our society as a whole, we must work together with those in power, or otherwise replace them. And in many cases, it is not that those in power are unwilling to do the right thing, but simply that they do not know how, and we must offer them solution plans where by they can agree to work together for common mutual goals, which will make both the people and special interests happy, or at least most of them, enough to gain common support for common goals in mutual benefit to all.

   Understand, that I do not say or do this lightly, as I know the ramifications and entrenched problems of doing so, and so I say to you that I also present workable solutions to the problems involved with restoring constitutional law, and setting our people free, and ending the never ending debt of our people and the world.

We must have solution, and If  I  may be so bold, I present those workable solutions in my platform.

   There is a way out of all these probems! 
   A way to restore freedom!
   There is... Believe it.



The Businesses and Corporations will ask, "whats in it for them?"

  And I answer, "that we will expand the free market greatly, as over the next 10 years we ramp up for even greater expansion to come, all via contracts with existing industry under fair bid policies, for small and massive, national and global projects. With a new commercial banking system, which is more favorable to commerce, by eliminating business lending risk, for small and large banks in exchange for across the board rate controls, and clearly defined limitations."   Faster, cheaper, safer lending.


The People, wealthy and poor will ask, "whats in it for them?"

And I answer, "Real founding fathers Constitutional freedom, much lower taxation, and most importantly, interest free lending for personal borrowing from banks, and a new limited interest business lending and borrower protection system to make it possible for all really dedicated people to go into business. And then of course there is the assurance that all modern social benefits are retained and expanded, such as Social security and Medicare, to include the full expansion of the E.D.D. to provide full national job security and housing assistance for all able bodied people, and also directly regulate the distribution and assessment of disability cases."

   Put simply, "More freedom, less government, real money, less taxes, Constitutional law, more social benefits and safe guards and protections from poverty for the less able, and real expanded labor, training, and business opportunities for the more able."



I ask for your support, to make this happen for you.



 I stand for implementing simple Constitution based investment and economic regulation strategies which can allow the U.S.A. to lead the world, and solve for all world poverty, by expanding the free market system, and promoting American values world wide, and help people, and lead by example, and reverse the present trends of conflict and militarism used by our leaders in the past.      A message for all International Bankers, and investors of the Federal Reserve, World Bank, and IMF



 I will actually do what I say I'm going to do, and I say very clearly what I plan on doing, how I am going to do so, why I'm going to do it, and why you should and will be very happy that I was able to.      


 To do so, I need your support, thank you.


Please see the  ISSUES  section for details on exactly what I propose and stand to do when in office.





-Mosheh Thezion


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