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Israel : The fact of the matter is, the Israeli's made their bed, and now they must sleep in it, because 60 years ago, they lacked the will, to force the conversion or force the removal of all the Palestinian's who opposed them, and instead, decided to let them stay, and subjugate them, which has proven to be complete stupidity.

And the reason they have deliberately been taking more and more of the land of the Palestinians, is simply because Israel is mostly desert, and those lands occupied by the Palestinians, are literally the best and most worthwhile land there is in that region, and so, there has been continued conflict, which must be resolved.

Proposals :

a) All funding and support for Israel by the U.S. government must completely stop, until such time as the Israeli Government decides to play nice, and restore the original lines between Palestine and Israel, or form some other lasting agreement, and that all settlements in those regions agreed as Palestinian, must be given over to the Palestinians. (including the homes)

  And no group must be allowed to lobby the U.S. Congress on behalf of another foreign nation.  Which sadly is being done now, by what we know of as the Israeli lobby, which is running around all over Congress.

b) Assuming these things can be done, and Israel is willing to play nice and settle on some permanent lines, then they should continue to receive funding, yet that funding must be spent on specifically the building of many Solar and nuclear power plants, in the southern Israeli Desert, and used to run large scale De-salination plants, using water pumped there from the Ocean, and used to transform the southern Israeli Deserts into a watered paradise, where at the base of mount Zion, a new Jerusalem can be built, and at its center a New Temple of David, surrounded by terra-formed desert lands, and as such, the beginning of a new age for Israel, where by the presently worthless lands of the south, can become the new center of Israel, and all their fundamentalist can have what they desire, which is to re-build the Temple of David, and in this way, they can give back those lands in old Jerusalem, to the Palestinians, under an agreement where by those old buildings and structures are preserved for all time, and can become a safe world wide tourist attraction.
    And New Jerusalem, can become an ultra-modern city of the future, carved from the desert at the foundation zone of the Jewish state, where Moses handed down the 10 commandments.

By giving the Palestinians back land, or a lot of it, and by providing employment incentives to the Palestinians, peace can eventually be had, by co-operative living, especially if Israel made that water availible to the Palestinians, to transform Gaza and the West Bank, into a green grass land. And if co-operative investment strategies are used to eliminate poverty amongst the people of both nations, via a new World Bank, IMF, initiative program outlined here.......

......>  A message for all International Bankers, and investors of the Federal Reserve, World Bank, and IMF

The only way to end the conflict, is to end the poverty, give back land, and to give the Palestinian's and Israeli's, the incentives to make peace worthwhile. And to do so, will require prosperity as the reward, which will cool the rage, over a generation.

Nothing is ever perfect, but when children are being well fed, and jobs are plentiful, and homes are waiting to be built, the fighters on both sides, can find better things to do, like raising children.

-Mosheh Thezion


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