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A New Deal_2012


A message for all International Bankers, and investors of the Federal Reserve, World Bank, and IMF.

Question :   Who owns the Solar System?
 Answer :  We do, as the whole human race.
Therefore :  We can using world wide mutual agreement, via the U.N. declare ownership of the entire Solar System, and as such, we can create a futures based security certificate representing those future obtainable values in endless commodity wealth, and spend a percentage of it now, in the specific world wide effort to build up the global infrastructure to go and get it, and in the process, we can fully expand the free market, and employ the entire world in this global effort to reach the planets and then the stars, and make money doing it.
  It's that simple, and the following is a long discussion of the details.



A message for all International Bankers, and investors of the Federal Reserve, World Bank, and IMF :

My fellow Americans, our nation has lost constitutional sovereignty, and we it's people have lost constitutional freedom, and its because we are tightly involved in a world wide scheme of monetary policy out of the U.N., World Bank, and IMF, and those schemes have bankrupted the world, and placed massive debt on the people of the earth, and there must be found a solution. And in order to restore the Constitution effectively without damaging the already fragile world economy, we must be able to offer the international elite, and U.N. and IMF, and World Bank and Federal Reserve investors, a better plan, a better scheme.

The following is something I would suggest from the White House, and so in my campaign for the presidency in 2012, this will be the foundation of my platform, which is to reform the U.N. and World Bank, and IMF, to better serve the people of this world, instead of enslavement to endless debt, and oppressive regulation.


We need a better way to invest, and a better way to open up nations to globalization, and a way to literally end the world wide debt, simply because it is unsustainable, and Islamic Sharia is telling the world that it is a better solution, and what the people of the western nations especially the U.S.A. need to realize is that while many on TV and RADIO and even in Churches, claim that these World Bank and IMF ways are western and therefore based on Judaeo-Christian principles, they are wrong, wrong, wrong!!!

In fact Sharia Banking laws, are nothing but an extension of Biblical laws against what is called Usury, which is to profit off of loans, by charging interest, like a loan shark, and the Old Testament makes it clear, that to charge interest to a stranger is ok, but to charge a 'brother' is a violation of God's law, and since Jesus makes it clear that all human kind are 'brothers', as one family under God, then, under God's law, Christians cannot charge interest or allow it to control their lives and economy, as it is a violation of God's law to profit in anyway off a loan to a 'brother' under god.   And nations, are simply large groups of those 'brothers'.

(Exo 22:25) If thou lend money to any of my people that is poor by thee, thou shalt not be to him as a usurer, neither shalt thou lay upon him usury.

(Lev 25:36) Take thou no usury of him, or increase: but fear thy God; that thy brother may live with thee.

(Lev 25:37) Thou shalt not give him thy money upon usury, nor lend him thy victuals for increase.

(Deu 23:19) Thou shalt not lend upon usury to thy brother; usury of money, usury of victuals, usury of any thing that is lent upon usury:

(Deu 23:20) Unto a stranger thou mayest lend upon usury; but unto thy brother thou shalt not lend upon usury: that the Lord thy God may bless thee in all that thou settest thine hand to in the land whither, thou goest to possess it.

(Neh 5:7) Then I consulted with myself, and I rebuked the nobles, and the rulers, and said unto them, Ye exact usury, every one of his brother. And I set a great assembly against them.

(Psa 15:5) He that putteth not out, his money to usury, nor taketh reward against the innocent. He that doeth these things shall never, be moved.

(Pro 28:8) He that by usury and unjust gain increaseth his substance, he shall gather it for him that will pity the poor.

(Eze 18:8) He that hath not given forth upon usury, neither hath taken any increase, that hath withdrawn his hand from iniquity, hath executed true judgment between man and man, (Eze 18:9) Hath walked in my statutes, and hath kept my judgments, to deal truly; he is just, he shall surely live, saith the Lord GOD.

(Eze 18:13) Hath given forth upon usury, and hath taken increase: shall he then live? he shall not live: he hath done all these abominations; he shall surely die; his blood shall be upon him.

(Eze 18:17) That hath taken off his hand from the poor, that hath not received usury nor increase, hath executed my judgments, hath walked in my statutes; he shall not die for the iniquity of his father, he shall surely live.

(Eze 22:12) In thee have they taken gifts to shed blood; thou hast taken usury and increase, and thou hast greedily gained of thy neighbors by extortion, and hast forgotten me, saith the Lord GOD.

So the truth of the matter is, that if you are Jew or Christian or Muslim or Hindu, then you KNOW that all human kind are your 'brothers', as we are all one family under God, and as such, you are forbidden to charge interest or allow others to charge interest of you, as such is a violation of the Law of God. And the only way to allow it, is to say that the people of earth, are not your brothers.
Can you say that?

As we all know, our world, is in desperate need of that 'BROTHERHOOD', and if the Christians of the west recognized this then we, the west could begin to lead the world into a DEBT FREE future, and actually start to live as 'brothers', world wide.

The Challenge of course, is the international billionaire elite and even some nations, who are and have invested into the World Bank, IMF, and Federal Reserve for the purpose of profit, based on the payment of interest, USURY, and the only way we are going to solve the worlds problems of debt and poverty, is to give the world a better option, and do so in a way that does not destroy the value of the investments which have already been made, even as we stop the usury payments.     I.e....   we save their investment, but dont pay the profit margin.

We need a way to appease the international investors and nations, so that they can continue to hold onto their wealth, and give them better ways to actually invest that wealth, which fits with the goal of globalization and expanding the free market, and securing the potential for wealth making for all those potential world investors, since we must end the profit via debt scheme, which is being used today.

And so, I am offering that solution plan here and now, and while it fulfills Sharia banking laws, it does so, only and conveniently because those laws, match the very laws found in the Bible, and so, there is no conflict, and we need not turn over the world to an Islamic theocracy, or to Communism.

It is my hope that the western powers, and the eastern powers and all the powers in between, will recognize the potential of the following as the solution to our world's very real problems.
A free market solution.

If I get to the presidency in 2012, I will speak loudly about the ways and need for this type of NEW DEAL for 2012. And use of executive orders as needed, and work daily with the U.N. to convert it's ways.
  The presidents job, should be to negotiate with foreign powers, not to make daily speaches.

Proposal : I propose A NEW DEAL FOR 2012., To form a New World Order of love, to prevent the development of a NWO of evil and greed.

Some people, very smart people, will rise up and scream how this cannot be done, and I would argue that they say these things because they have grown up in the system established by the IMF, from Bretton Woods, to SDR's, and they are trained and educated to fully understand the make use of the present system, but the people of the U.S.A. and the world, need only recognize that the present system is very complex for a reason, and that is because since it is based on fake money, debt currency, it is literally bullshit piled on top of bullshit, mixed with some other kind of shit, and all of it, in it's entirety is based on interest (usury) and debt, and while it maybe functional, I accuse this system, of being the source of global stagnation which prevents this world from reaching its full potential and that by design it fails to achieve the purpose of the IMF, as quoted from the IMF web site..PURPOSE OF IMF


(ii) To facilitate the expansion and balanced growth of international trade, and to contribute thereby to the promotion and maintenance of high levels of employment and real income and to the development of the productive resources of all members as primary objectives of economic policy.............

Since 1945, the IMF has worked to supposedly help nations, and after 69 years, we see clearly, that it has only served the investors and their profit margins, and as an institution is not capable of solving for the worlds problems, and I say, we need a new plan.

This plan would be based on the following guidelines.


a) Convert the U.N. into a United Nations Federation. (U.N.F.)

b) Convert the IMF into a non-profit World Treasury, and empower it to run international ocean / Antarctica / space mining efforts.

c) Convert the World Bank, into a non-profit World owned Bank.

d) Create a new large value currency representing the future obtainable values of commodities from international lands and the whole Solar System. And lend and invest it, usury free. (no interest)

e) End all world debt, by revaluing all GDP currencies by backing them all with the new commodity based world treasury currency.

f) Use interest free lending to promote nations projects of expansion, and allow low interest loans to corporations, as they are not people.

g) Use interest free investments to build up the world economy by creating international 'world owned' expansion projects to reach the planets on a large scale, and pay for it over time with the gathered resources. (Fund global expansion into space.) Which will End all world poverty, by employing the entire world on these massive global and stellar expansion projects.

h) Allow for all world wide investors to invest into most projects, with specific rewards, and over time, commercialize / privatize most developments by selling the parts to those investors.

i) Establish contracts to limit government power, and set the people free in clear absolute terms.

j) Provide massive incentive programs to end wars, and resolve the middle east crisis, by giving Israel and Palestine better incentives.

k) Build a world Military with a Space Force for planetary defence.

l) Build the future destiny of our species.



a) The first thing we do, is we can establish a LIMITED United Nations Federation, as a non-profit, (the U.N.F.) formed from the remains of the U.N. Allowing for representation of all nations, and model it on the U.S.A. constitutional model of a limited Federal government designed to have extremely limited power spelled out in clear language in a Constitution, and ratified by world nations in the U.N. body, with one vote for each nation, and serving the individual Nation states, by developing international Commerce, and creating a real commodity based world currency, and organizing a world military Space Force for planetary defence. (The World Constitution could state clearly that the United Nations Federation (U.N.F.) has the limited function of developing the wealth of the Solar System and international lands, into the hands of the sovereign nations, and has little to no law making ability! Therefore representation would need only be one representative per nation, rather than per population count.)

b) The second action of this U.N.F. (United Nations Federation), (as put forth in the World Constitution) would be to take over the I.M.F. and convert it into the World Treasury, and immediately create a new world currency, based on the recognition that, as one world, we as a planet, represented in the new U.N.F, United Nations Federation, can claim ownership of all international lands, as Antarctica, the ocean floors, as well as the entire Solar System as a whole, since this is our world, and our Solar System, therefore humankind, can arbitrarily take shared ownership of it, and use this new U.N.F. to manifest the future wealth of this Solar System and planet into the hands of the sovereign nation states, by creating what I term as FAITH note treasury certificates, which are based on the very long term future obtainable values in material wealth availible under the Sea, in Antarctica, and across our Solar System. And immediately, create a limited amount of those notes, to secure the long term value of the wealth already invested into the I.M.F. by international investors, converting their investment into FAITH note treasury certificates based on weights of commodities. Where by one FAITH note is set at 2000 ounces of Gold, and possibly other weights of metals, and tradable in the distant future for that weight in metals, as it is developed, and so maintains it's long term value.

Hence the term FAITH note, as the value is based on our faith in our world, it's people, and our ability to go and get those vast commodity values over time, from Helium 3 on the moon, to the virtually unlimited wealth of the Asteroid belt, where there are literally Asteroids the size of mountains made up of precious metals, and possibly large amounts of very heavy metals, which are very rare on earth, as they naturally fell to the core of our planet long ago.

In this way, by the U.N.F. owning these global and inter-planetary mining efforts, as a non-profit, it would over time use all the developed and collected gains in resources, to begin buying back and exchanging all transferable FAITH notes, held across the world for those collected commodities such as Gold and Platinum, Helium 3 etc, which then allows nations and investors holding those notes, to convert those notes into the real commodity they are promised in. Thereby converting FAITH notes held in storage, into real Gold or other elements, to be held in storage, and this assurance, and guarantee, is why these FAITH notes can be traded as if they represent those actual commodities, since they do, based on the full faith of our entire planet through the U.N.F. and it's global and stellar mining efforts.

c) The Third thing this U.N.F. would do, is to take over the World Bank, and designate it, A non-profit organization, where by the wealth created by the World Treasury ( I.M.F). in the form of FAITH note treasury certificates, is used again to pay off the investors there of, by converting their investment into future commodity values, which are guaranteed in value based on world wide agreement, by the U.N.F., by ratifying amendments to the World Constitution, designating the World Bank, as the non-profit distribution and management organization for the wealth of the Planet. And this guarantee and assurance is established by funding massive world wide projects in mining on the ocean floors world wide, and the long term exploration and exploitation of Antarctica, as well as the future long term development of the assets throughout the Solar System, since we have the man power, and we have the technology, and we have the will, and NOW, we have the means of funding the projects, which over the next 1000 years will provide the actual commodities to make good on those FAITH note treasury certificates. If we have faith in our peoples work potential and ability to go and get these virtually unlimited resources then we as a planet can begin using FAITH note treasury certificates, and have confidence in their long term value as they are backed by the full faith value of the entire planet earth, and our entire species, as represented by the U.N.F, United Nations Federation, and it's world Congress (U.N.)

d) Having created a new large value currency representing the future obtainable values of commodities from international lands and the whole Solar System, the U.N.F. and its treasury through the World Bank, can immediately, end the use of Usury, as interest and debt, imposed by the IMF and World Bank of the past, and since this would normally devalue the GDP debt based currency used world wide, the forth thing which the U.N.F does is to present as a gift to all those nations FAITH note treasury certificates, out of the new World Bank, to the exact sum, of the level of currency debt held by these nations, where by the U.S.A. for example, would receive into it's treasury the exact amount to represent its current number of Dollars in circulation, thus immediately revaluing it's Dollar to commodities as designated by the FAITH notes, and all other debted nations would also revalue their currencies to the existing relative value as it exists today based on their GDP productive value, in this way there is no collapse of the value of any national currency below it's present value, in order to establish in the short term stability in the markets, and maintain the export potential of the smaller countries and the higher value had by the first world nations. However, as will be seen, these values can now be adjusted by the policies of the individual nations, and no longer controlled by the old World Bank and IMF. And here, is where the give away stops, at the point of stabilizing markets and currencies to their present values, and setting up new mechanisms for nations to have more sovereign controls.

In this way, the forth action of the new U.N.F. is to end all world wide debt, and set all nations free of bankruptcy, and allow them all to begin operating in the black again, and eliminate the burden on their peoples as excessive taxes.

e) After Ending all world debt, by revaluing all GDP currencies by backing them all with the new commodity based world treasury currency, the fifth action of the U.N.F. is to mandate via the World Constitution, that all nations have the sovereign right to opt out of the FAITH note programs, as for example England, with its stored wealth may wish to control its own currency, and also any nation may at any time, choose to do so, and it should be stated in clear language in the World Constitution that all sovereign nations can do as they wish concerning their currency values, and their own laws, yet that in doing so, they can expect no massive investment benefits and protections from the U.N.F. should they practice bad policies, and or run out of gold and silver, etc. Unless they choose to grant themselves partnership in the international policies of FAITH note potential and are willing to use it, to their advantage, which would be less like a loan, and more like a loan of a gift, and so, without any interest. (This must be offered, with incentives, but not forced!!)

In this way, any given nation, having had it's GDP debt currency converted into real commodity based money, can then at will vary the value of its nations currency, relative to the FAITH note potential it has received in it's debt bail out, so that a small nation if it so chooses can reduce the number of it's currency notes in circulation and increase their value to any level they so choose, and that by making use of NON-TRANSFERABLE FAITH notes, as described in the next section (f) they can enter into massive mining and resource development efforts, in their own nation, to fill their treasury with the commodity / energy values needed to produce more of their currency while maintaining its value at any level they see fit, which would be determined by how many transferable FAITH notes they hold in their treasury and the productive rate of either their economy to pay off the Non-transferable FAITH notes, or the production of commodities of worth to again pay off those NON-transferable FAITH notes, and varied again, by any tariffs and other control factors they may choose to impose as sovereign nations.

However, to achieve the maximum growth potential, a nation should drop all tariffs, and would wish to fully invest itself into TRANSFERABLE FAITH notes, and in doing so open itself up to full investment by world investors, and gain the U.N.F. guarantee of zero unemployment for it's people, by taking part in the global expansion effort into deep space, for which there is endless potential work and development needed to supply those jobs.

f) The sixth action of the U.N.F. it's treasury, and World Bank, would be to create two forms of FAITH note treasury certificates, which would be used by the non-profit U.N.F. to be able to distinguish between sovereign nations development efforts, and international globalist / stellar investment programs.

1) Just as mentioned here..> CURRENCY : THE MONEY SYSTEM..... The U.S.A. once it is free of debt currency, simply by restoring its own constitutional laws, it, as a sovereign nation can do as it pleases, and it could use this very same kind of faith note potential, to revalue its own Dollars and set them to values of future obtainable commodities or energy in their own nation. And for nations such as the U.S.A, and Russia and China, they could easily do so. Yet, another option would become available from the U.N.F. and it's world Treasury, and World Bank, in the form of what can be called NON-TRANSFERABLE FAITH note treasury certificates, meaning, that the U.N.F. (The world) recognizes the value and faith potential of the U.S.A. and as such, can offer a form of interest free, usury free loan, by giving over these non-transferable notes, and depositing them in the treasury of the U.S.A, for example, and as such the U.S.A, could then, create new Dollars to represent those added non-transferable FAITH notes, and then, use those new Dollars, to build massive projects within the sovereign territory of the the U.S.A.only, and as such, can finance projects, such as power plants or river diversion with the FAITH note potential of the project once it's finished.

Meaning, that the U.S.A. gets a massive boost as a loan, to create more money, which does not lower the value of the Dollar internationally, and use those new Dollars to build some grand project, and then, over time, needs only use the profit gains from that project in the future to pay back that loan, by using the Dollars generated over time (or preferably commodities), to replace the non-transferable FAITH notes held in the treasury, and give the FAITH notes back to the U.N.F. and so close out the loan investment. However if Dollars are used to pay off the Non-Transferable notes, then over time, those dollars would be used to buy commodities, which would then, be placed in the treasury to represent those Dollars being used in circulation.

In this way, the U.N.F. can lend vast amounts of money to nations to work on any number of development projects and the nation needs only to use the gains from the completed project to pay off the loan and return those FAITH notes to the U.N.F. all without interest, and would allow nations big and small to develop any worthwhile project it can, but the debt must be paid in commodities derived from that one nation, or otherwise the currency of that individual nation, from the gains of the finished project.

2) The other means is to use what can be called TRANSFERABLE FAITH note treasury certificates, which are the same kind used above in sections (b),(c),(d), and represent the future obtainable values of commodities and energy and generated goods of the U.N.F, in efforts to mine the oceans, Antarctica, and the Solar system, where the total value can be considered almost limitless, by being based on the total commodity wealth of the earth's international territories, and the Solar System as a whole, and as such, the U.N.F. has the funding means to begin endless world wide investment projects in all willing nations to do several things, such as end all world poverty and unemployment by offering an international job security program, by employing the masses of the world, and training them to build the future productive means to not only explore and exploit the ocean floors, but to do under ice mining in Antarctica on a massive scale, and to build up a world wide space expansion effort, to launch our species amongst the planets and gain access to the vast resources there of, to, over time, pay off the interest free, usury free investment of transferable FAITH notes used to pay for the build up to build a Moon base, a Mars base, and to mine the Asteroid belt, all of which contains more wealth than the entire surface of our planet Earth.

3) The U.N.F. Can however, as well as sovereign nations, lend and charge interest to corporations and businesses, because they are not people, not brothers, and while the interest charged should be low, such will allow for a continuation of business banking, and since the nations governments, are able to get interest free loans from the U.N.F. as Non-transferable FAITH notes, they can offer varying rates as a means to regulate their own economies, and offer incentives to control their nations corporations. But the public banking practices in lending to actual people, must become interest free in their lending practices, which could be directly financed by the U.N.F. As people are our brothers, and deserve real honest help in spending their developed worth in labor as currency. And while this will effect the banking industry, it would be offset by providing a real boom in housing markets, and auto sales, and the production and sale of all manner of goods world wide. Because as of today, people, our brothers, are often paying double what a home actually costs or is worth, in order to pay usury interest to greedy lenders, who never actually lent any real money in the first place. Usury to people must end.

g) Use interest free investments to build up the world economy by creating international 'world owned' expansion projects to reach the planets on a large scale, and pay for it with the gathered resources over time, like Helium 3. (Fund global expansion into space.)

To accomplish these global goals of ending poverty by ending unemployment, the U.N.F. would begin a seventh action, which would be to establish in willing nations a NON-PROFIT employment agency, which would work on using transferable FAITH notes, (Remember, if all nations are using a gold based currency, then any devaluation of Gold, would revalue all nations currency at the same time, and there would be no exchange variation!) to pay for investment and development programs within nations and across borders, to specifically build up the infrastructure to build a space fleet, for both exploration, exploitation and military defence, to which we will need massive space ports, research facilities, test centers, and manufacturing on a massive scale. And with these projects may come power plants to power them, and international river diversion projects of significant value to the world, by watering the deserts of the earth, and providing the security of supply to meet the ever growing demand which will occur by the massive spending and development efforts of employing the world to build the future of human kind amongst the planets and then the stars.

These employment projects and international space expansion efforts would of course be limited by the desires of a given sovereign nation, and used to offset the burden on the taxes and finances of a nation in running it's own employment guarantee projects to maintain its free market conditions. (The U.N.F. must not invest itself so heavily as to destroy the job market in a nation, which would cripple its local free market by taking away all available workers, but do so, in direct proportion to a given nations need, based on it's un-employment rate, and adjusted over time, as decided by a given sovereign nations government.)

In this way, nations who are fully cooperative can go so far as to base all their currency on transferable FAITH note treasury certificates, and open themselves up to complete investment and development by the U.N.F. which could offer interest free loans to encourage and expand businesses in that nation, and or otherwise, can create and build those businesses and once they pay for themselves would by World Constitution mandate, sell those created assets to people in those nations and privatize the entire gain. SINCE, the purpose of the U.N.F. is not to own or control anything on earth, and as a global non-profit has no desire or concern to maintain ownership, since by design it has no need to profit, ever, as it owns the endless wealth of the Solar system, and it's purpose, and it's mandate is to develop the economies of nations using the wealth of the planet and solar system, and work to employ their people by expanding their free market either by investment and development, or by no-interest loans to nations, and or by creating that which does not exist, and then selling it off to those people, once it has paid itself off, and always giving over all profit gains to that nations government as such gains belong to that nation, and not to the U.N.F. because the U.N.F. has no investors and does not need any profit.

h) Allow for all world wide investors to invest into most projects, with specific rewards, and over time, commercialize / privatize most developments by selling them to those investors.

Where simply put, the eighth aspect is, where the investors and billionaires of this world, need to realize that by this global expansion effort, we could as a planet invest massively into our world, and employ the entire world, and that by design, literally, all the developed assets, of planetary expansion, such as rocket construction facilities, and the rockets, and space craft, and test facilities, and each and every development, other than the global and stellar mining efforts, would not only be open to investment, but will be sold off, and who would buy it all?

Who will buy the orbiting space stations?

Who will buy the fleets of space cargo craft?

Who will buy the various levels of infrastructure for international ocean and Antarctica mining?

Who will buy the endless sub-companies, and supply support companies developed, and constructed in support of this global expansion?

Who else, but the world wide wealthy investors, which will allow you all to not only take eventual private ownership of all this prosperity, but allow you all a new means of investing your wealth, by buying these transferable FAITH notes, directly from the World Bank, at special rates, allowing you to buy 2000 ounces of future Gold, at 1500 ounce prices today, which allows the World Bank to use those national currencies to directly spend on employment efforts, not to mention, how international corporations, would be able to receive low interest rate loans, to develop endless projects on their own as part of the free market.

And most importantly, you must understand, that in order for the U.N.F. to be able to build and run this global investment and expansion effort, it MUST, contract with the existing corporations to engineer, and construct, and develop these endless projects, and as such, those development corporations would be in a perfect position to buy those created assets over time, once they are completed and have paid for themselves, and at fair prices, as part of the commercialization and privatization effort of the U.N.F.

In this way, in exchange for allowing the formation of a U.N.F. which can actually end all world poverty, and does so, the present super rich investors of the present World Bank, and IMF, and Federal Reserve would be in a position to buy up all those assets over time, the extent of which can only be dreamed of at this time. And its all very fair and acceptable, as long as the people of this world, are freed of the endless debt, the enslavement to that debt, and are as people, set free, and allowed to achieve the prosperity which they deserve as human beings, as part of our species and world.

I say to all of you, set my people free, and you will find that it will be more profitable than you can possibly imagine at this time, using the pathetic debt and taxation methods being used today, which we all know is what is holding back development.

I ask you to wake up, and smell the gold on the other side of the mountain, because its better over there, for all human kind.

i) The ninth thing the U.N.F. would do, is establish contract agreements, as treaties, to limit the power of the U.N.F. over any given nation, and likewise limit any national governments power over it's own people, and set the people free in clear absolute terms.

What this means is, freedom, must be uniform across the world, for this organization of the earth to manifest itself as any sensible world wide solution, as it serves no purpose to employ the people of a nation, if a sovereign nation state is so oppressive that the people are excessively taxed, or are robbed of their profit potentials, by a corrupt government who's ruling class are a bunch of bastards, since such would run opposite to the goals of the U.N.F.

To accomplish this goal, the U.N.F. would hold back debt relief, and currency re-valuation, and global investments, until such time as a given nations government is willing to agree to the simple terms of a global agreement, by signing a treaty contract with the U.N.F. and also, putting forward another clear agreement with it's own people, by either amending it's own Constitution to state such in clear language, or via a binding contract between a nations government and it's people, which is enforceable by the U.N.F. by cutting off all assistance programs, and investments.

Global Contract : Would provide protections of sovereignty for all member nations of the U.N.F. by stating the clear limits of the U.N.F. authority in a World Constitution as a world treaty contract, signed by all member sovereign nations. Such as having little to no ability to impose any laws or regulations onto the governments of any sovereign nation, and that all power in the U.N.F. is economic via the withholding of financial support, and the ending of programs and investments in nations who are found to violate the U.N.F. mandated National Contracts between their governments and their own people. And that should war exist between nations, or between a government and it's people, that the U.N.F. has only one role, that of peace keeping, to end fighting, and bring all parties into negotiation, and may not over throw governments, as such is the role and job of a nations people should the need arise. In which case, the role of the U.N.F, is to defend the non-combative peoples, who do not engage in fighting.

National Contracts : In these contracts Freedom is Defined : Freedom, means the freedom of the Common Law legal system, where by people, are free to own alodial title to property which cannot be taken without due compensation, and are not subject to taxes beyond a preset limit within reason, and are free to do as they please within reason, say what they please on any subject, posess what they please within reason, and go where they please within reason, as long as they do no harm, are not endangering other people, and not damaging property or threatening to do any such damage by their actions. And should this be contrary to that nations Constitution, then it must be amended to state this in clear language.

Within Reason : means, that while Freedom is clearly defined as the Common Law, governments should be able to define the very limits of that freedom, but that they must do so, in very clear language, and that in order to be made law, they must allow their people to vote on those proposed laws, and that the people have the right to put forward, at no cost, propositions onto a nations voting ballot, by way of gathering signatures of adequate number, to attempt to over turn any law they deem oppressive, but that the people may not create any new laws by way of putting forward propositions, unless that sovereign nations national or state governments choose to allow this power.

In this way national sovereignty is maintained, yet, within reason, as defined by clear language in the World Constitution, and most importantly, the U.N.F. must be forbidden from declaring any form of emergency, which would allow it to circumvent the limits imposed by a very clearly written World Constitution. And that all charters and international agreements on human rights and so forth, must be written into that same World Constitution, or otherwise have no meaning or force in World Law, national or international.

j) The Tenth thing the U.N.F. would do is provide massive incentive programs to end wars, and resolve the middle east crisis, by giving Israel and Palestine better incentives.

Which is to say that with the massive investment potential of the U.N.F. there is gained the ability to provide clear incentives to nations to play nice, as in the case of Israel today, they could not agree to the National Contract, as part of signing onto the World Constitution of the U.N.F., unless they were willing to end the conflict, by giving back lands, and resetting boundaries, and ending the oppression of the Palestinian people, and the Palestinian people must be willing to end the attack posture against Israel, or be unable to receive the massive benefits available to both sides, such as huge investments, to end unemployment, and build the infrastructure to turn what is presently mostly a desert region, into a watered grass land, and with that water would come prosperity, in farms, and goods, and the ability to build from those desert lands a beautiful green grass land, where both sides can begin to know prosperity instead of war and constant conflict.

For example an incentive to Israel, would be funding to build up the southern deserts at the base of mount Zion, to make the desert blossom, where in they can re-build the temple of David, using non-transferable FAITH notes, as well as build a new Jerusalem around it, and free themselves of the present battle over the old Jerusalem, which is so valuable because it is the greenest part of that region.

Likewise, most nations who are presently in conflict over resources, can be appeased to end the fighting, by being offered truly large scale and worthwhile options to the wars they are fighting.

Then also, by receiving these benefits and signing the agreements, they agree to allow the U.N.F. to interfere into future conflicts, where by fighting is prevented, and negotiation becomes mandatory, and compromise the way of peace between nations and opposition groups. Which is the purpose of the democratic system. Such that if a group is right, then they can over time win public support, and take over a nation by election, instead of by the gun, and if they are wrong, and over the years cannot win public support, then they must be prevented from violence and bloodshed to force their ways upon any given nation. As the right of conquest, must via the World Constitution agreement, be reserved for our expansion into the Stars, and not used to kill each other. Humans must not kill humans.

k) The eleventh thing the U.N.F. would do, is build a world Military with a Space Force for planetary defence, which would be directly part of the means to build up the world economy, by investing into nations and contracting with corporations to do the work, and research and development to make it possible over the next period of years, as we build up our space fleets, and set up our moon based and orbital space station based, planetary defence grid, consisting of massive space based nuclear warhead launch sites, capable of deflecting any Asteroid which may rear its ugly head and threaten all life on our world, and as long as those weapons are highly controlled and regulated by the U.N.F. and forbidden from being used on earth ever, and watched over by the major powers of the earth, we could do so with a confident level of security, where by launches could require action by the U.S.A, Russia and China together in order to allow for any launches, in this way no one nation or even the U.N.F. could use the weapons system, unless we all agree to use and activate them in defence of the planet. And with modern computers, and communication, we could do so, with enough quickness to be effective, but only if we had the space bases already built, hence the need to rapidly build them.

As we know, today we could have no hope to deflect an Asteroid with the launch of a few near earth nukes, but if we had several beyond moon orbital space bases, we could effectively direct many hundred warheads against an Asteroid and be able to effectively break it down, or deflect it enough so as to save our planet from destruction, and while many suggest we should dismantle our worlds nuclear stock pile, I suggest we transfer them as one big family of earth into space, whereby they may actually be used to save lives. Potentially, save all life on earth from cataclysmic destruction. And if we just sit around pointing them at each other for the next hundred years, then when the big one shows up, and we are not ready as one big brotherhood on earth to defend ourselves then we will be completely wiped off the earth by a big giant friggin rock, and wont that be a waste.? We need to wake up, and start working together, and now by these methods we can afford to do so, and must do so as quickly as possible or risk complete extinction.

l) The twelfth action of the U.N.F. is to build the future destiny of our species, by having united all nations into a common goal of ending poverty by way of global expansion into the stars, and in doing so, ending all wars, and bringing the world brotherhood into reality, and organizing the work potential of our planet and species into one great cohesive force where by if we have faith in each other, and in our planet, and in our ability to conquer all obstacles which stand before us, then there is nothing in the whole friggin universe which can stand in our way, if we are committed and willing to prepare ourselves, by making the long term investments into our selves and our infrastructure and our sciences, to be able to empower us all as a people to launch ourselves forward by leaps and bounds, to the edge of our Solar system and eventually beyond, into the Galactic plane, were by we would begin to conquer the stars themselves, and fulfill our destiny as Gods children, where the ultimate goal for our species is clear, which is to drive forward, experience prosperity in our lives, and righteousness in our hearts and minds, and move relentlessly forward across the cosmos, in search of the ultimate answers to all reality, and the ability to transcend it, and find and stand before God, not after death, but as living beings, and know the true nature of our creator, and show our worth as Gods children. And the first thing we must overcome, is our own fear and lack of trust for each other, and we must work together, otherwise we will never get off this rock we call Earth.

I for one, believe we have the potential, as I know you do as well, and together we must pressure those who dont, to wake up.

-Mosheh Thezion


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