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Property rights :    In 1933, they took away our constitutional right to own ALLODIAL TITLE to property which cannot be taken away without compensation and due process, by forcing all people into Federal 14th amendment citizenship, which robbed us all of constitutional freedom and protection, and replaced it with privileges and benefits, which was a sham. We lost the right to own property, and they gave us only the right to use it, and pay taxes and fees on it, which when we fail to pay their tax or fee, they simply take our cars, goods, and land, without compensation and without any due process, since as 14th amendment citizens, we dont own anything, and the Federal government, via the Federal Reserve owns everything, and we, the people are share cropper's, renting the right to use all we posess.

YOU all know... TODAY..   if you own a million dollar house, but fail to pay 50,000 in taxes, the IRS or the State or other agency will take your million dollar home, and you get nothing. why???

Because legally, you never owned it, they did, the creditors to our nation, the Federal Reserve.
  As our nation has operated in bankruptcy since 1933, and when you operate in bankruptcy, you dont own your assets(property), as they are colateral, and if... if.. you make your agreed payments on time, then you can continue to keep and use your colateral property...  BUT...  if you fail to make your payments, the CREDITOR, can take your property, which was designated as colateral. And since everything we buy is bought with fake fiat (bankruptcy) Dollars, all our bought property, is then made part of that colateral.
 They did this in order to be able to force taxation, and assure payments to the new Federal Reserve masters.

This happened in 1933, by the Federal Government promising the assets of all Americans as collateral on the loans given by the Federal Reserve. And by forcing us all into Federal citizenship, they literally took away our Common Law and Constitutional protections.

Proposed solutions for FDR Property rights :  
 I, will put forward bills, or a constitutional amendment, or if need be an Executive Order,  to state clearly the definitions of ownership, rights there of, and the limits of government to seize any property due to debts and or cause, with clearly defined limits, with a preservation of bankruptcy protections, and court determinations of, before any seizure and forced sales occur. AND, the goods must not be sold short, and must be sold at fair market value, and all monies generated by the sales of property beyond the debt, must be returned to the individual whose property was seized, and sold to pay said debt.

It is reasonable that if we owe a debt, that we be forced to sell our assets, to pay our debts, but we should not have to give up the entire value of those assets as profit to the government which takes them, or buyer who is allowed to buy it short. 

The same thing applies to our vehicles, on the street, and or otherwise, such as towing. It should NEVER result in the forfeiture of the vehicle, and its sale, without due process, and without compensation, and the fees which can be charged for the tow, should NOT be allowed to rise with each passing day, until it quickly matches the value of the vehicle itself, simply due to a mistake in timing when parking on the streets.  Its wrong!  THE ONLY REASON, the State and local governments have this power to seize your property, is because the Federal government enables them to do so, using unconstitutional war powers, and setting up a tax code, and legal system, which is structured and trained to adopt these unconstitutional ways, as normal day to day law and justice, when in fact it is organized crime.

If we own property, then that ownership must be protected, and the government should have no powers to simply take what is ours, because we have violated some small parking rule, or failed to pay our taxes on time.

ITS WRONG, WRONG, WRONG, and I will put forward an executive order, and call for a constitutional amendment, and otherwise a bill, to secure our property rights, to hold allodial title to all that we posess, and secure it from seizure at the hands of the IRS, or local governments, without good cause, and without full compensation, and reasonable Common law court protection.
 Let me state clearly, that there is no need to restore debt prisons, however, there is a need to lessen bankruptcy protections to allow the payment of debts over time.

-Mosheh Thezion


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