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  The challenge in restoring the Constitution as law again, is that the people dont want to lose the benefits received from the NEW DEAL of 1933, and yet they also want a legal constitutional government again. AND I SAY WE CAN HAVE BOTH!!!!!!!!
 As your President, I will do the following within my first 10 (Ten) days.

1)  I will immediately sign an executive order to officially end ALL declared states of Emergency going back to 1933, the National Emergencies ACT of 1976 notwithstanding, and in clear language end all Federal and Congressional and executive powers granted by any declaration of Emergency in the past or present, and officially, in ABSOLUTELY clear terms, re-instate the U.S. Constitution, as the rule of law, AS IT IS WRITTEN, and call on Congress to set about a Constitutional convention to work out amendments to re-organize our nation back into a proper Constitutional Republic, and in so doing, set my people free.  I will then immediately, sign another Executive order, declaring a New general state of emergency so that everything can continue smoothly, which is limited to 2 years, as per the National Emergencies ACT of 1976, and call on Congress to resolve itself in that time.  THE CONSTITUTION
  I will also order, that all 'filings by our nation, and treaties made and held in foreign lands, or with foreign powers, since 1933, are hereby null and void, and each contract and long standing agreement of any concern to any other nation or the U.N. or any other body or group, or entity, must be re-negotiated in public with the new Constitutional government once it is in place, after Congress resolves the Constitutional Convention.
2)   I will immediately sign an executive order, ordering  the seizure of all assets of the Federal Reserve and all its branches, and order its re-organization as a non-profit part of the national Treasury.    I will order it to begin producing a new form of Security Certificate, representing future obtainable commodity values from the soils of the U.S.A., and then use them to pay off the entire national debt to the investors and shareholders of what was the Federal Reserve, and re-value all Dollars in circulation to a stable non-inflationary commodity based value system.  CURRENCY : THE MONEY SYSTEM    And with this same executive order, I will order the Federal government to employ no less than 1/10th of its overall payed work force into this new effort, of making good on those notes, and setting a pace and production scale as to satisfy the needs of the nation, as needed over time.  In otherwards, I will order the Federal Government to enter the mining and energy sectors, on a massive scale.
     And with this same executive order, order that all income taxes, be dropped by 10% of its current total, across the board. I.E. if a person is taxed at 40%, then 10% is 4, therefore the new taxation scale becomes 36%.  This is done, because with the seizure of the Federal Reserve, the 10% interest payment to its investors is immediately ended, and so, taxes can be reduced in such proportion, immediately.
    I will also order the buyout and abolishment of the IRS, but offering its workers and management a new contract, to work for the Government tax collection system which replaces it, based on their long established operation.
   And with this, I will personally pressure Congress to pass an amendment limiting the amount of taxes which can be imposed and for what, and how, and why, and where, and when, and to set those values low and reasonable, and in many cases outlaw numerious taxes, such as the death inheritance tax.

3)  I will  immediately sign an executive order re-organizing the entire banking industry, since the Federal Reserve is now a non-profit part of the Treasury, and producing only commodity based money which is interest free, I would order, so that they may continue to operate under new standards and rules and regulations, that as part of this New Deal for 2012, the abundant investors in interest, and debt based markets, can and will be paid off as well, but with very specific kinds of Treasury Security Certificates, for example all investors holding home loan debt, would be paid off immediately as if the homeowner had payed the entire debt off early, with Security certificates, set to be paid off by energy production, potentially as geothermal deep mine shaft  power plants to be built over the next 50 to 100 years. And the home buyer, still owes the debt to the Federal Reserve but will no longer have to pay the interest, and so, will save a great deal of money. So the Security Certificate notes are good, and represent units of Kilowatt hours of energy to be traded for when power comes on line in those power plants.  And with generous proportions of energy, these notes can be traded in the same markets, until the energy comes online.   And as long as we dig the mines and build the power plants, it all works out, and it is not on the backs of the tax payer.       BANKS, LENDING AND CREDIT CARDS.
   All investors then who hold and posess such a Security Certificate can sell it immediately directly back to the Treasury, for Dollars, and the Treasury will hold the notes and collect the prescibed profit as Energy in the future, and place the gain into the general fund.
4)  I will immediately sign an executive order, ordering that all U.S. citizens, born here, are here by free of all obligations in presumed contracting, with the Federal, State, County, or city Governments, and are no longer punishable by statute,  and all Constitutional Common Law rights and freedoms are restored as it was before 1933, and all citizens in Prison are given the option of having a re-trial in a Common Law court if they so wish it.  And I would so order that from this day forward, all Violent criminals, murderers and rapists, will no longer get a mattress and a TV,  but instead by law will get Common Law hard labor-chain gang-prison camps, and will build the new Federal mining and energy development projects, and in so doing, repay their debt to society, literally.   And I would also order a media campaign to explain the restoration of freedom, and so motivate and offset Congress's probable attempt to crush the Common Law by new amendments.   FREEDOM verses CIVIL LIBERTIES

5)   I will immediately sign an executive order, ordering that from this day forward, no government agency, Federal, State, County or City, shall  take or posess or allow for the taking or possession of, by any means, the property of the Citizens of the United States, without due process of the common Law courts, and due compensation for the full estimated worth of said assets, or otherwise the property must be returned.  This includes land and property, automobiles, and all personal assets a human being may posess, whereby the government may force the sale of assets to pay debts, but the sale must occur for fair market value, and any excess gain beyond the debt amount, must be given without charge or fee to the original human who owned the property and owed the debt.       PROPERTY RIGHTS 
  With this order I would declare as law that all human American citizens, have a  right to own Alodial title to property, and from this day forward, home owners, and land owners, who hold land title do here by own the full mineral rights as well.  And no law or government agency or agent may compel the people to give up property, without the expectation of due compensation, and the people must be allowed to appeal to the courts regarding that compensation.  And with this order I do here by place numerious restrictions on towing companies and local governments who abuse their people with towing for simple parking violations.

6)   I will immediately sign an executive order, ordering the Treasury and newly converted Federal Reserve, and the remnants of the IRS, to continue operations as normal concerning Social Security, and Medicare, and I vow as President, and I honestly swear to God, I would never take away Social Security, or Medicare, and I would only work to shore it up and make sure it is paid for. And I will personally pressure Congress to make Social Security and Medicare permanent and Constitutional by amendment.    MODERN SOCIAL BENEFITS
   However, there are many who propose options, and those options may be considered in detail, yet, if those new options are not better than, Social Security and Medicare, then I will not bother to even consider them.
7)  I will sign an executive order, ordering the major expansion of the Employment Development Department and temporarily providing it funding directly from the new Federal Reserve, to provide a new form of expanded job security for all American Citizens, such that all citizens can claim unemployment insurance, at all times when un-employed for any reason, but instead of a free paycheck, they shall recieve work in abundant forms, and offered extremely effective help in getting a normal free market job. And with that, this order shall effectively end all welfare programs, by providing work for the pay checks, and offering housing, child care, and educational training and services, to make it possible for those with disabilities or children to get training and an education so that they may succeed in seeking good work, and be productive instead of being made dependent by welfare.      BENEFITS FOR THE PEOPLE : JOBS
8)  I will sign an executive order, ordering the establishment of a new military branch, being the Space Force, and so order the military to take complete control of NASA, and divert abundant military powers and resources to benefit the longer term effort of planetary defence, and I appoint the working people of NASA as an organization of scientists and engineers, as being mostly in-charge, of the effort to completely militarize space, and launch our defensive machinery into permanent orbit of the earth, and moon.  And I would order the commander of the Space Force to do two things, :  Build the U.S.A. a space fleet, between Earth and the Moon, and build a permanent military base on the moon, with a vast nuclear stock pile, meant to be used to deflect  a potential asteroid.  And in this effort, we as a nation, may invite the entire world to help us.
9)  I will sign an executive order, ordering the new Federal Reserve to begin a New Deal for 2012 Capital Investment policy, by working with the new government run IRS, to continue smoothly with most of its present operations, with specific changes to the fundmentals of the currency, and the end of usury interest based finance, by ordering  a new 3 part economic policy to be put in place, and be made operationally mandatory for the Federal Reserve to do, under the direct control of Congress, to apply itself, in benefit to the nation, in three specific ways, and 7 subsequent avenues of  capital development.
   Policy part one)   The long term justifiable use of  taxation dollars to re-build, maintain, fix and repair the nations aging infrastructure and Social services, such as Social Security, Medicare, roads, bridges, water usage and storage, and power grid, to improve, update, and maximize our nations infrastructure to support a healthy economy and culture.   This alone will create a great abundance of jobs, which can be filled by the new E.D.D. and its job service function.  
   Policy part two)   The long term application of a New Deal for 2012 banking policy of near risk free lending of money to people and businesses, by banks, in exchange for restrictions and strict controls. And the provision of interest based investments in commerce via banks, with new risk limitations and protections, to incourage development, of the free market by those who require lending services, and those who middleman the loans.
  In otherwords, banks are freed of risk, by mearly middlemaning the loan, between people and the Federal Reserve, and then managing the account and transfers, for which interest is not justified, but pre-set, pre-agreed fees and charges are acceptable for lending services who provide that function, such as banks, or credit unions.  And interest based loans can only be made to commercial entities.
Policy part three)   The long term application of this New Deal for 2012 economic policy of using the new form of long term interest free credit potential to lend to ourselves by creating FAITH note Treasury Security Certificates, based on the eventual output from mines and energy development projects, allows the Federal Government to use and create currency on demand to fund any number of local, State and national projects in benefit to our people and our future.
   This would include but is not limited too ( 7 ) seven avenues for Capital Investment, by the Federal Reserve, as a non-profit owned by our Federal government, owned by the people, such that the gains are owned and controlled by the Federal Government, via Congress, and that over time, the many endless assets developed can and should be sold off to the free market by the Federal Reserve as ordered by Congress, once a given asset development has been paid off in some fashion  
   The idea being that the investments, and the rate of their application, would and should be exactly as much as is needed to maintain abundant employment, as a workers market, and so, keep the burden of E.D.D. payouts, and job provision function at a minimum, by expanding the free market to make and build things of real use and value, for which they need employees.
   All of the following investment efforts, would be done by way of the New interest free Treasury Security Certificates, and so, the cost, IS NOT ON THE TAX PAYER!!!
1)   Truly large scale, deep shaft mines / future geothermal energy power plants, under every major city in the nation, which will employ thousands in each city, and fund hundreds of city services, and establishments. Just as building a tall building creates equity in commercial space above ground, these mining and energy development efforts will double as bellow ground real estate development, and material resource management.  (All of which can be commercialized over time.)
2)   The Federal Reserve, under the control and oversight of Congress, would establish, build, and run, numerious large scale, long term mining and energy development efforts, such as large scale river bed and hard rock processing, and building abundant new Breeder Nuclear reactors, and the above mentioned geothermal deep mine shaft power plants,.Where-in these Federal mining efforts shall be forever held as owned by the people, as a process to provide long term commodity precious and useful metals to payoff the new Treasury Certificates. While the Nuclear power plants, maybe sold to the free market once they have operated long enough to payoff the cost of their construction, and so balance the Treasury.
   This will create abundant jobs, and obsorb the efforts of no less than 10% of the Federal Work force, it will provide abundant cheap energy, and put all prisoners to work, in building and running these development projects and so offset the costs of labor directly, as a literal means for criminals to pay off their debts to society.   
3)   Using what ever means nessasary to reduce the cost of decent solar cells and so panels, because as of 2010 the market prices solar panels to the life expectancy of the panels, which is 20 years, and so the cost of Solar energy, becomes comparable to normal city power costs over that time, and there is no great gain by going Solar.   If solar panels can save more than 70% on power costs, then, the mass public will adopt it. And to do that, they must be very in-expensive.
   There is also the potential use of other solar power methods that cities can use to generate power, and revenue, and generate local jobs.  
4)   Openning up a new market, using futures based Security Certificates, investing into ocean mining for resources in the abundant lands and seas, within the 12 mile range of oceans from the shores of the U.S.A.  Meaning contracting with the free market to build and develop deep ocean worthy mining and material processing equiptment so as to not only mine the oceans  within 12 miles, but establish a workable system of resource management such as large scale reef building and fish seeding and farming on a global scale from protected farm sanctuaries, in the ocean along the coasts,  and set up clean, mineral resource processing so as to access the ocean floors all along our abundant coasts, without making a mess.
  (This technology leads to global efforts in international waters.)
5)   Investing via contracts with industry to develop large scale, new technology specifically as, under ice mining equiptment, such as high temperture ice melting nuclear powered prospecting vehicles, to sample and examine the endless material below the ice, and so guide teams to set up long term larger projects of a more permanent nature under that ice.  This would work by a friendly agreement with Canada, to accept massive investments in conjunction with American companies, to develop the real means to access the resources untouched bellow the ice, which covers most of Canada.   (This technology could then be used in Russia and Antartica.)          
6)   Investing via contracting with the free market Construction companies to begin numerious massive projects of large scale River Diversion, such as diverting a percentage of the Mississippi River into New Mexico, Arizona, and southern California. And the building of numerious dams and resevoirs across the country to seriously manifest not only our nations hydroelectric potential, but its agricultural and economic potential. The key to bringing life and community and commerce to the desert, is by bringing water to that desert. 
7)   Investing on a large scale, into the work force of NASA, and its associated organizations, and it all being assisted by the full man power, and resources of the U.S. Military, so as to expand their efforts 100 fold, and to seriously work daily to develop the operational means to build an active moon base, and mobile space fleet, as a serious form of planetary defence.
   This will create numerious jobs, as the efforts involved will effect many sectors of society, and are long term in their nature, and would be sustained, and developed over time, by what works, and the innovative genius of those involved and entrusted with making it all work.                     
10)   I will sign an executive order, declaring a state of  Emergency in America's schools, and so ordering that all State officials in charge of education in Each State, form an executive national council, and meet with myself personally, with the intention of determining what direct changes can be made immediately to reverse the present trends of our school system. Where-in I will present my proposed changes.
After these first 10 days, I will likely rest, and give Congress and the nation time to adjust, and for several weeks I will walk the halls of Congress so to speak, and the streets of the media, to justify these actions, and to explain away the concerns and fears which will likely fly in the light of bankers losing power.
After which I will address the U.N. and the rest of the world, and work towards completing this New Deal, by restoring real freedom, property rights, and ending poverty, world wide.
  -Mosheh Thezion
When the Constitution is restored as law, by ending all states of emergency and war powers granted, then, it is simply a matter of providing AMENDMENTS to the Constitution in order to allow the Federal Government those VERY SPECIFIC, and LIMITED powers to provide those benefits and service, which as a servant it can be allowed to provide. While also ending the mistakes of the NEW DEAL, such as un-limited power, debt currency and debt slavery!!!
   In 1933, our servant, told us, that if we make the servant OUR master, that it can serve us better, but 80 years has shown that when the servant becomes the master , that servant becomes a ''tyrant'' over what was its master, the People and States and constitutional law.
We got ripped off by the NEW DEAL OF 1933, and I say.. THAT DEAL IS OFF.
The Constitution must be restored, and anything less is un-acceptable.
As a candidate, when I win office, it will be my duty by OATH of office to uphold, defend and protect that Constitution, and I promise to do exactly that!
                                      F.E.C. CANDIDATE ID: P20002135
 Campaign Committee : C00480657 MOSHEH FOR PRESIDENT      


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