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 My fellow Humans,
Just as Paul, sat down at the table with pagans, and shared their food, because in doing so, they allowed him to teach them of Jesus....  (If he stood at the door, and demanded they change first, they would of slammed the door in his face!)
  Likewise... we must embrace the world, and in doing so, by reading their books, we have the means to share the Bible and Jesus with them, and in time, Jesus can provide them all with salvation....   Yet in the same way, Jews and Christians, and Hindus should accept the term being "Muslim" as by original definition it means a 'believer in god', and Jews and Christians and Hindus are such, and as such, can Join Islamists in a Muslim brotherhood, which does not require any conversions...  I.e..  We are all brothers under god, regardless of what book we read.
   That unification, is the message Jesus brought.
  That unification can be had, by establishing deliberately, a global brotherhood of all gods children.


There is in my view, only one way to end religious conflict, and that is to unify religion, which is not to suggest that they must be blended into one, but instead only means that we join them all in brotherhood, and allow them to practice side by side in one massive super religious center, and allow them, to openly, and fairly, discuss and share their views and values, to anyone who chooses to listen, and keep the faiths separate and distinct, so that the religions themselves are not converted over time, into any kind of blurred nonsense.

An example of which is, the Empirical Church, a pluralist religious order, which yes, is by my own design, and is specifically formed to serve that purpose of unifying all religions under the umbrella of Science, as Science has become a religion in itself, as it teaches concepts and ideas which used to be purely religious, such as creation, and the nature of reality, while meaning and reason is and would be still left to conjecture and faith based religious teachings which serve to explain for the why, and not just the how
(The why is important!)

I would of course, never suggest that my religious views be presented as part of my political Campaign, but I would say, that the only way to end religious strife is to bring religions together in brotherhood based on their common ideals, and while the church I have founded, is not perfect as a model, it serves the basic idea of being able to create a neutral playing field, for all faiths to sit side by side.

Since most religions, claims to be in worship of the one God, they should not oppose being in brotherhood with other faiths, and the conflict may arise with members of each faith who refuse to do so, yet this can be resolved in time, as long as each religion  is not forced to give up their views or values, and beliefs, then there is no reason why they cannot reasonably accept being allowed to use, and make use of, space, inside what would be a massive, local community, university style,  neutral center, for the study of, and the practice and free exercise of all religions (Except Satanism). And at such locations, religious groups, can spend their days trying to convert each other, everyday, for the next 10 Billion years, as long as they do so peacefully, and calmly.

As it is today, if religious groups do not find that common ground, which they can share in worship and contemplation of that one God, then they will always be fighting for the high ground, and that will lead to war, bloodshed, and constant conflict, just as it has for the last many hundred years.

We must be like Paul, and sit at the table with all the world, as it is the only way to earn their respect and have the ability to share the gift of salvation or our beliefs with them.
  We must not reject our fellow human, simply because they practice different ways, for they are our brothers, and we must embrace them as brothers, so that we may be free to share with them our beliefs.

So While some may accuse me of promoting my own religion, in this case, It is only a proposal as a concept by one man, and that man happens to be me.  Since it has not yet been built, I feel confident and free to describe it, and promote it, as a means to address and solve for the issue of religious conflict.

The world needs religious Brotherhood, and I say the west should bring it, otherwise it will be forced on us by eastern powers, in a different way.
One example is, that Muslims, know, IT IS JESUS, who will return to judge the world, as it is written in the Koran, and most Muslims would gladly except the gift of salvation, as provided by Jesus, if it was free, as it is meant to be, and IF IT DID NOT COME WITH some false notions of mandatory conversion.
   Jesus gave the gift of salvation to all human kind, and Christians are only flaming the conflict by demanding conversion and their rejection of Muslims as brothers under the same god.
Jesus brought the global human brotherhood, and that brotherhood must be respected, and as such, all humans should begin to act like REAL BROTHERS.

-Mosheh Thezion

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